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Boise 6 th Best Place To Live!

Considering a move to Boise? Read this for a little local insight into why Boise would ranks so high on the list of best places to live. Boise real estate for sale is still surprisingly affordable and you can see all Boise homes for sale at You can use our awesome search tools that are innate, intuitive and you get results in a snap! Great buyers agents to help you get a good deal and a stress free path to your new home! Read More about the pros and cons of living in the different areas of Boise.

For those of us that live here Us News and world report is singing to the choir. The fact that none of us know anybody who has been mugged, robbed, shot or had their house broken in to is a great…

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Ask about our short term rental program for Carr Team Buyers!

By coincidence we have both of our rentals available for rent in June. Our best renter ever is homesick and going back north Idaho. The tenant in our Eagle house is moving into town! So we are moving back to the house on Ballantyne. The two houses we have available are 1028 Grandburg in Meridian and 14198 Wrigley in West Boise. They are both nice homes with lots of solid surfaces, vaults, giant rv parking. Are you considering moving to Boise? We do have a short term rental program for buyers that hire The Carr Team to help them find a house. So if you are considering a move to Boise and need a short term rental call for the details. Basically you have to hire us to act as your buyers agents…

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Now That Boise Is The 6 th Best Place To Live in The Country, Where Is The Best Place In Boise To Live? Boise real estate specialists and lifelong Boise residents Mike and Erica Carr want to help you make a great decision when it comes to choosing what part of town to buy your new Boise home. If you are interested in and are planning to buy Boise Real Estate, this guide may help you decide where you will be happiest in the long term. Downtown Boise Homes for SaleIf you are renting you can move across Boise much easier at the end of your lease. But those looking at homes for sale in Boise need to put a little more thought into how much windshield time they are willing to accept. Where then is the best place in Boise to buy homes? The answer of course is completely dependent upon the…

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The Hidden Cost Of New Construction- Meridian Idaho.

Meridian New Homes For Sale
There are so many great things about buy a new home that has just been constructed! When it comes to Meridian real estate these days there are a lot new homes. Some of the benefits are they are clean and sparkle, everything works, the one year builders warranty that the builders provide with a new home is great, the cute modern styling and finishes are smashing. These are all great reason’s to want a brand new home in Meridian. But if we look closer we can also compile a list of things that are not so great about new homes. On many homes, builders just built in Meridian, the yard is only half completed, a landscaping package for the back and more shrubs for the front adds up quickly. The cost of a…

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North End Boise Real Estate

Todays Featured Listing May 4 2016

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Great Highlands Hackberry View Home! Boise real estate has homes for sale with great views. Including this one at 4094 N. Hackberry Way. Find a gated hide away with fabulous views of Crane Creek & Downtown Boise. This is a little snippet to give you an idea of what the northend (see northend Boise homes for sale Mls area 100) and foothills have to offer in the way of views (see Boise view homes). People love living in the north end for the great vibe, friendly people plus quick and easy access to downtown, ridge to rivers trails and Bogus Basin. Crane Creek Country Club is not bad either. Boise homes for sale are selling like hotcakes, so if you are interested in seeing…

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Great Year For The Desert Rivers

Bruneau Near Sheep Creek

Is Buying a home in Boise or Mountain Home a better idea if you want to raft the Bruneau river? Ez just like the mls search tool on our website. It only runs for a few weeks a year. The answer is clearly Buy in Boise. While I made it on an early season Owyhee trip, and being a Boise Real Estate agent with out vacation, I  missed out on the Bruneau river this year. I was busy helping people buy Boise real estate. This shot is courtesy of Dr. Mark Grajcar who nimbly led the boys down through 5 mile! Good job Mark, that is always a tough read and run, even if you have done it a few times! For those of you who raft and have not been down the Bruneau,shame shame. What are you waiting for? At the time of this posting it…

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