It's Free, Its Lime Green! 

Tomcat Lime Green AIREVisit our web page at to sign up! Please put kayak in the subject line of the form. If you have signed up already share this and sign up again! Buy a house using our services and get a free day on the river! Choose from Main, Staircase or Lower 5!!


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Boise Over 55 Homes For Sale

Retirement Communities Boise Metro Area!

See Retirement Homes For Sale 


Well actual Number 7 according to Forbes. I think they got it wrong though. Boise offers so much for retirees. 10 months of golf, killer greenbelt  and ridge to rivers trails for walking and bike rides. A big middle class means lots of great culture including restaurants, the arts and more. Boise State University provides tons of opportunities, from watching a game to taking a class. Catch a wild brown trout in the Boise river right in downtown or swoosh down the ski hill at Bogus Basin. Enjoy a glass of great Idaho wine from Cinder, visit one of the 10 farmers markets or grow a world class garden! It is all here and more. Cheap flights to…

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Charlie Greif AFC Odysseys Perfect TravelerCharlie

FC/AFC Odyssey’s Perfect Traveler

 2016 National Amateur Gun Dog CH—3rd Place

Congratulations are in order for Odyssey Gsp. Based in Missouri and long acknowledged as one of the top German Shorthair Kennels in the nation, the results speak for themselves. With 10 dual champions to their credit and one placement in the German Shorthiar Hall of Fame the Odyessey legacy is set in stone at this point. The rest is just icing. Charlie is blessed with great genes. His father is HOF DC/AFC/BISS Odyssey's Sam Saint Max MH and the dame is DC Odysseys True Colors "Rudy".

Where does the Idaho ties come in to play? Rudy, Charlie's mom was whelped here in Boise by chukar hunter and Boise real estate agent Mike Carr. Mike floated his way into this…

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Boise Real Estate With A Garden!

Is An Awesome Garden A Must In Your New Home in Boise?

Warm Days, Cool Nights & Fertile Soil Make Gardening In Boise Easy & Fun!

Edwards Greenhouse And NurseryAre you an avid gardener planning on moving to Boise? Have you already done the move to Boise? Purchased your brand new home in Boise or Meridian and now you are prepping to make it bloom? Wondering what will grow, when to plant and where is the best place to pick up your annual supplies. Here are a few tidbits to get you headed in the right direction for both beautiful landscaping and a high producing vegetable garden. One of the great things about decking out the landscaping on your home in Boise is the added benefit that you will receive when the time comes you to sell Boise real…

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Meridian Real Estate

Is The Search For Your Home In Meridian Mls Over?

Instant Access Agent Available 24/7

Meridian Real Estate New Listing!3 Words that describe our new listing in Meridian's Cedar Springs North subdivision are cute, cute, cute! With granite counters, solid hardwoods, vaults and a sassy fireplace to hang the stockings on, this one has all the makings for a family home filled with love and warmth. Accentuated with a main level guest bedroom-office & a master with seperate tub and shower this one will surely please! Combine the spacious wrap around porch with the shady north facing back yard and no matter the time of year or the time of day there is a spot to enjoy the great outdoors!

Close to the great schools including Hunter Elementary, Sawtooth Middle &…

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Move To Boise If You Love Great Sunrises!

Moving To Boise Is Great If You Love Color!

No not, Fiddler On The Roof. While the community art scene is pretty hot, so are the sunrise's and sunsets. So if you are considering a move to Boise or a move to meridian Idaho, add beautiful sky's to the list of things that make Boise a great place to live. I am not sure why they are so terrific, I guess when you have 240 sunny days every year you get a lot of them. I think having the mountainous terrain to the east which seems to prolong the sunrises is a bonus. While the flat horizon line to the west really stretch's out the sunsets allowing for the play of light to twinkle away. Whatever it is, if you enjoy watching dramatic sunrise scenes and lengthy colorful sunsets, a move to…

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Did You Just Move To Boise?

Not Setup For Preparing A Giant Feast?

Never Fear Whole Foods Is Here!

Carrots Help To See Your New Home At Night!

Many times between the travel time and clean up people just want to chill and watch the Detroit Lions loose another game! It could be you just are not that great a cook or even the twins or new baby make it difficult! Whatever the reason you have for not going with the 6 hour ordeal just to end up with a rather boring turkey, I totally understand. There are a multitude of options available to you from ordering an entire traditional turkey dinner from the likes of Whole Foods or Marie Calander's. They have packages with a multitude of options. Precooked, not precooked, just the breast. There are packages for 4 people all the way up to 16 people!

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Bitner Has A Case Special & Great Wine

Celebrate With Over 20 Idaho Wineries!

If you have recently experienced a move to Boise don't miss out on the annual barrel tastings and other Thanksgiving holiday events that are put on by the ever growing Idaho wine industry. Here are a few highlights and tips to get you headed in the right direction. There are now over 20 wineries in the greater Boise area holding some sort of tasting, pairing or food and wine extravaganza's.


2016 Idaho Thanksgiving Wine Tasting Tips!
No tasting fee and free soups at Koenig! While Greg makes wine for alot of local wineries it seems as if his has that little something extra!
Bitner has a case special where you buy a case of red and get 6 bottles of Whites for $1 dollar each! Yowza!
Cinder is raffling a…

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Seattle, Portland Store's No More!

Move To Boise Shop Cabela's

When You Move To Boise Traveling To Shop Is A Thing Of The Past!

With the recent addition of the Nordstrom's Rack, finding high quality stores and shops to spend your hard earned dough at is a thing of the past. In the last 10 years Boise has seen store openings that include big box stores like Cabela"s and Rei, The Rack and many more big box retailers carrying everything from camp kitchens to to of the line in home appliances. R.C Willey's, Hobby Lobby, Kohl's and Dick's to name just a few.

The downtown core has seen the last of the big box stores evaporate to the west but filling in behind them are all sorts of small specialty stores. An eclectic mix of galleries, boutiques and gift stores with a wide…

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Inspired By Anne Frank's Faith In Humanity!

Anne Frank Boise

The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial Honors The Triumph Of The Human Spirit. In A World Divided By Religious Doctrine And Political Beliefs We Are Humbled And Emboldened By A Child Who Wrote In Her Diary From The Silence And Dread Of Her Families Hiding Place In Amsterdam During World War II. The Diary Is Among The Most Widely Read Books In The World. Historians Regard It As One Of The Most Important Documents Of The 20th Century. In 1945 Anne Frank Was Imprisoned At Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Were She Died Of Starvation, Exposure, Brutality & Disease. She Was 15 Years Old. We Can Only Hope That Post Election The Jack Boots Stay In The Closet.

  • Located at 770 S 8th St
  • Almost An Acre In…

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