Idaho Museum Of Mining & Geology

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Idaho The Gem State

One of the wonders of Idaho are the rocks and rock formations, the gems and minerals found throughout this great state. So many and wondrous it is Idaho's nickname. "The Gem State". From the Star Garnets in northern Idaho to the Spencer Opal mine in Eastern Idaho there is wonder to behold. The gold veins, fossils and volcanic rock of Owyhee county in south western Idaho and Malhuer county in eastern Oregon are dynomite as well! One of my favorite things to do is chase chukars, a small upland bird that inhabit most of the state, but especially the desert rimrock of the Owyhees. I often find myself spending more time exploring the rock formations whence I stumble across…

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The Visual Arts Collective has sprung from it's roots in the Linen District and is striving to be the place for exhibits, concerts and all things art in Boise. With a place for visual art, performing art, fashion, culture and more, they are all able to live side-by-side in the new space. Now located in Garden City, VAC does more than just offer people a place to see paintings or music but is an integral part of forming the art culture of the area.  Billing itself as Boise’s “first multi-disciplinary arts facility” it is rapidly becoming a popular center for all sorts of artistic experiences. With help and support from donors like The Rauschenberg Foundation, what was once a part time, sometimes sort of deal in the Linen District, has grown into a full…

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