Update South Fork Boise Log Jam

It is now floatable. The lower logs have been cleared. There is the giant top log still in place, you can float under it like a bridge!

Happy Fathers Day To Me

South Fork Boise Log Lam

Can You Say Dyn-o-mite!

 Connie Carrico's pic here...- 868-3255    She Shuttles.

It did not look too bad from on high. But reality set in once we were in the eddy. Log jam is 8 to 12 feet high depending on if you are standing in 3 feet of water. Sorry for the lame pic...photographer tried to tell me we needed more but I was in portage mode by then. The level was 3100ish...the eddie line is soupy and swirly and you only get one chance. Noah slid in forward pushing, made it look easy. I did not come in at a steep enough…

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7 Great Hikes For Rafters On

The Middle Fork Of The Salmon River


Wondering where the best hiking on the Middle Fork Of The Salmon River is? Here are a few ideas to get you started. With all the water this year rafters on the Middle Fork Of The Salmon River will have short days on the water leaving time to explore the awesomeness that is the "Frank". Lots has been written about hiking in the Frank Church Wilderness area. But mostly with an eye towards leaving from the car. I have not seen many articles about stellar hikes for people rafting the Middle Fork Of The Salmon River. So take a hike on layover days or in the mornings or evenings from campsites along the way. I worked on the Middle Fork in the summers of 1990 and 1991 and passed with…

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