Eagle, Idaho was recently named as one of the most envied suburban towns in America. The only town in idaho to make the list, it is no suprise, for Eagle is quaint, cute, safe and convenient. Just 20 minutes to downtown Boise and stocked full of great restruants

In the heart of the Gem State, nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Boise foothills, lies a suburban oasis that has captured the hearts of many seeking the quintessential American dream. Eagle, Idaho, with its picturesque landscapes, thriving community, and exceptional quality of life, stands out as one of the most envied suburban lifestyles in America. In this article, we will explore what makes Eagle, Idaho, so special and why it continues to attract families, professionals, and…

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Envy In Eagle!

Did you hear the big news. Eagle lands on national list of most envied suburban towns in America! Eagle is the only Idaho city to make the list. It is no suprise why. It's homes boast bigger lots than homes in other parts of the Treasure Valley. It is a short 20 minute jump to downtown Boise and it is stocked with a long list of great eateries. Walk the green belt or head whitewater rafting which is just a 25 minute drive north on highway 55. It is clean, safe and has great schools. Shopping is also tops with Big boxes scattered all around the perimeter of the cities limits. Not to close not to far you will find Home Depot, target, Winco, Costco, Fred Meyer and more. Whats not to be envied?

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