5 Tips For Selling Your Home For Top Dollar

Light at Bar- Ba- Coa

How about a new light for the entry way?

Thinking of selling your Boise home? The Boise Mls sees 100’s of new listings a week. If you want top dollar and a quick sale you need to pay a little attention to the details now. Kitchen improvements yank more bank at closing. A new stain on your dated oak cabinets may yield as much as 10 times your investment. It has been proven time and time again that kitchens and master remodels or rehabs are the best place to start when prepping your home for sale. When it comes to the kitchen, ugly cabinets, dated granite or a mismatched backsplash color can drive buyers away. If a repair costs $10, buyers round up to $25. So sweat the little stuff. Every house is different, be objective and remember that if 8 out of 10 potential buyers would want it fixed or replaced, then typically you will net more when you close if you make it right before listing rather than after the inspection. Where do you start?

1. Kitchen- Look with a buyers eye. Start at the bottom work to the top and rank the features of your kitchen from worst to best. Flooring, counters, back splash, cabinets, sink, appliances. Put the three worst features on the list.

2. Master Bathroom- Rank the features you have and the most objectionable go at the top of the list. Save 2-3 for final analysis.

3. Curb Appeal- Nobody wants an ugly duckling. You also cannot make a first impression the second time. A little paint, fertilizer and flowers can go along way by making drab look fab! If you cannot get a prospective buyer to the front door because of the weeds or the general un-kept appearance you have Zero chance of selling them the home. Clean the area around the front door, repaint the front door! Peeling paint?? Scrape and paint or pay 3 times at closing. Door dented and dated? Repairing the visual stuff is your best bet. A new front door gives the impression that all is well!

4. Guest Bath- Take $1,000 add in a little blood sweat and tears and viola you have a tile floor and a new sink and counter top!

5. Go through the rest of the house and pick the top 3 worst features.

The List

Now you are ready to decide what makes sense. To start with if it costs less than $200.00, do it. Do not pass go until all the little stuff is done. Buyers round up if your mirror has a crack in it even if you have lived with it for years, buyers will hold it against you when comparing your home and price to your competition. Formulate a new list from worst, ugliest, most dated items your home possesses. Worst on top and getting less objectionable as you go down! Get a rough bid from handyman or contractor assign a cost to each task. Apply a little common sense here and it will go a long way. If your kitchen needs new flooring, new cabinets and new counters, it makes no sense to do flooring and counters while leaving your dated or low quality cabinets. In the end you will need to prioritize, devise and execute. The model should be get them in the door, wow them in the kitchen and finish them off in the master! As a last refrain, sometimes more is less. Rotten above ground pool taking up half the backyard. Get it out of there. Wall paper, see ya! Wall of fame making your hallway feel narrow and dark? Pack it and make it light with a fresh coat of paint will go a long way to making your home feel large, fresh and clean. Above all cleanliness is next to godliness. If you want more money in your bank when closing day arrives then you need to erase every objection you can before the buyer triples the cost to make it clean or new.


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