Idaho Greif Linebred German Shorthair Pointers

Idaho German Shorthaired Pointers


Greif Linebred German Shorthair Pointer

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Natural Pointing Backing & Retrieving


“If You Have A Dog That Needs To Be Trained To Point, You Don’t Have A Pointer”

Mike Carr 208-284-9905

Growing up I owned labs and mostly hunted ducks and geese over water. The duck and goose numbers dropped in the 1990’s and that precipitated a switch to chukars. My labs were ok, but I got a Brittney, Sam. He was a pound dog and his only issue was he Ammertal's Lancer Dbarked like mad when outside. That was not working. He did open my eyes to the awesomeness of a dog that would actually lead you to the birds, rather than having to chase the lab. Bottom line the Britney would scent the birds at distance. The labs, who now had to heel, would not get birdy til about 40 yards. That was enough for me. The next summer I met a guy on a Selway river trip who owned shorthairs. I had grown up next door to a couple worthless dog owners who left there shorthairs kenneled 24/7. They were loud and smelly. I explained to Greg that I did not want a shorthair and that they were high strung and barked constantly. At this point one of the ladies whom was a Vp at Hewlett Packard almost jumped out of her chair to defend his dogs as loving, calm and quiet. Wow I thought, when was the last time you saw a corporate Vp jump out of her chair to defend the honor of somebody else’s dogs.

Idaho Gsp Greif Girl On Fire!The rest is history! My grandfather Walt Carr passed away the next year and he took my last lab with him. They literally went on to greener pastures on the same day. I called Greg later that summer and my timing was perfect. There was a liter on the ground and the gentleman from Spokane that had pick of the litter had been diagnosed with an illness and decided to return the dog. We named her Selway (Lotties Leaper v Grief) and she proceeded to run from point to point for years and years. It was the best. I know how to train dogs to sit, stay, lie down, come and heel. If the rest is not built in and hard wired, I am at a loss.


Selway Lotties Leaper v GreifThankfully these awesome dogs have it all. Natural pointing, backing and retrieving. Even in water. I would put my male Agro up against any of the labs I ever owned for water retrieves. He does it in warm weather or cold without hesitation and is as athletic as they come. We hunted the snake by Grandview in zero degree weather, no problem. Although I had to put him in the truck periodically to warm up. That is one area labs kill shorthairs, staying warm in uber cold water.


Libby v Agro Greif Gsp Idaho PuppyTiming is everything for "training", getting your dog on wild birds at under a year is key. I like to get them so that they are 5 to 6 months old on October 1. By the time January 31 rolls around they are able to find, point, back and retrieve. like an old hand. The tracking takes them some time to figure out. We have had several litters over the years and produced some really good dogs. That said I finally have one that rivals Selway. She has all the natural bird finding ability, smart, bold and is running to 500-600 yards consistently. She backs, points, retrieves and has a really soft mouth. She even sits, will “get in her spot”, sometimes she will stay. She is soft and cuddly and I do not think she has ever barked! Anyway here are some pictures of the dogs I have owned, bred, are on my dogs pedigrees or were offspring of a dog I bred! We occasionally have puppies or know of a litter that may be coming up.


Charlie Odessey German Shorthared Pointer



FC/AFC Odyssey’s Perfect Traveler

 2016 National Amateur Gun Dog CH—3rd Place

This dog is Rudy's (Rudy is from Selways first liter) Son He placed third in the annual national invitation Championships...Wow. I must add her eit is not all from Selway, his dad is in the National German Shorthair Hall Of Fame.

Owned and bred by Chuck Parietti / Odyessey Gsp


RudyDC Odysseys True Colors

DC/AFC Odysseys True Colors

2016 Gspca "Dame of The Year" While that sounds impressive, she ended up in an 8 way tie! Each female gets 1 point for having a pup from one of their litters! So basically 8 gsp became dual champions this year! The dual champ in this case is Dani! Rudy  is from Selways first litter and we are thrilled we where able to place her with such a world class kennel.  The 10 dual champions, 1 hall of fame dog, 1 National amatuer gun dog champion.

Breeder Mike Carr, Owner Odyssey Gsp



DaniDani DC Odyessey's Twilight Dancer

DC Odyessy's Twilight Dancer

Dani is a liter mate of Charlie's and was awarded her dual Championship title last year. Earning the 8 way tie for Rudy as breeding dame of the year!

Owned and bred by Chuck Parietti / Odyssey Gsp



Lotties Leaper V Greif

Selway Lotties Leaper v GreifMy first and still my best shorthair. I spent most of the first two seasons trying to find her. She ranged with the wind and was able to find chukars like no other. Natural pointing, backing and retrieving. She trained me. Rudys ,Agro's and Echos's mom. 

Breeder Gary Gage, Owner Mike Carr


Gages Evolution V Greif

"Titles are the proof of what you find on the paper" Unknown

Agro Gages Evolution v GreifNo title here just a great all around dog. At home in the field running down chukars and asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace. He is the definition of "a lab in a shorthairs coat". Ducks on the Snake at minus 5 or pulling you on your skis or mtn bike are all strong points. He is a big strong dog with that classic Grief head.

Breeder and Owner Mike Carr


As I am writing this I cant remember what her official name is!

So I will go with Awesome v grief  til I get around to finding paper work!

Lottie Greif greif shorthair puppiesLottie at 2.5 years has it all. Range, drive, smart, birdfinder, softmouth. She backed her, dad Agro at 5 months old on her first bunch of birds and it has all been downhill from there. She had 17 points on a hunt last week on wild chukars that had been hunted for 3 straight days. Again natural pointing, backing and retrieving. that means you just take them hunting and the rest is hardwired. They are pretty good at laying on the couch without training too. By the time she gets another year under her belt she may end up being my best shorthair to date.

Breeder and Owner Mike Carr




Liberty Biberty Piberty Pie v Greif

Just kidding cant remember her official name either... Huge runner, have lost her several times for multiple days. She is on her 9th life. Lotties mom. Plan on breeding her next time she cycles.


Some famous Greif Shorthairs on my dogs pedigrees!

Erlicher Abe

Ammertals Lancer D

Greif German Shorthairs Idaho

Snake River Lottie    Snake River Lottie..1991 All Age Gun Dog...2nd place nationals.

Tetons Sport

Tetons Sport....Sired Rudy, Agro Echo and Toby

Toby Greif