Idaho Greif Linebred German Shorthair Pointers

 Boise Idaho - German Shorthaired Pointers

2024 Litter In the oven - Greif Line Bred Outcross
Chukar Hunting Machines -Natural Pointing, Backing & Retrieving.
Boise Idaho - GSP Litter announcement. Pnw Greif outcrossed with great midwest trialing lines. The studs dad is NWGDC FC AFC Odyssey’s Perfect Traveler. He won the Akc National Walking champion in 2017 or 18 ish. The studs dame is NAFC FC AFC Liverheads Sizzlin Lizz. She was just named 2023 GSPCA Dual Dame of the year (5x Tie). The stud has two litermates that are dual champs. The stud is 75% best of the midwest (Liverhead and Odyessey) and 25% pnw Greif (DC Odyessy’s True Colors) She was born in Boise, her mom is Lotties Leaper v Greif.
The dame of this litter is tripled back to NWGDC FC AFC Odyssey’s Perfect Travelers grandma (Lotties Leaper V Greif). These traditional Pnw Greif lines outcrossed to the some of the best trialing dogs from the mid-west should produce some hard hunting, biddable dogs. Natural pointing backing and retrieving.Other notable pnw greif dogs.... Erlicher Abe the NGSPA National Championship winner for 1980 and 1981, Ammertals Lancer D, The 1975 NGSPA National Championship, FC/AFC Snake River Chukar Checker, DY/ FC Snake River Lottie (Number 2 all age dog of the year 1991). And many other champions in line over the years. Natural pointing, backing and retrieving. Dam good couch surfers as well. Due to Whelp on May 5 +/-. So ready to find some chukars this fall. Approved hunting homes only. I included Grand Dame Pedigree as well Lotties Leaper V Greif as Crash has her 3 ways in her pedi. NFC Beiers Evolution is DC Odyessy's True Colors great grandpa on both sides. 208-284-9905.

Charlie Odessey German Shorthared Pointer

FC/AFC Odyssey’s Perfect Traveler


NWGDC/GC/FC/AFC – Odyssey’s Perfect Traveler – Charlie

2016 National Amateur Gun Dog CH—3rd Place

This dogs mom Is Whitey's(stud's) dads litermate. Rudy and Agro's mom(Lotties Leaper v greif is also on the Bitches side of my 2022 liter.

Owned and bred by Chuck Parietti / Odyessey Gsp


RudyDC Odysseys True Colors

DC/AFC Odysseys True Colors

2016 Gspca "Dame of The Year" While that sounds impressive, she ended up in an 8 way tie! Each female gets 1 point for having a pup from one of their litters! So basically 8 gsp became dual champions this year! The dual champ in this case is Dani! Rudy is from Selways first litter and we are thrilled we where able to place her with such a world class kennel.  The 10 dual champions, 1 hall of fame dog, 1 National amatuer gun dog champion.

Breeder Mike Carr, Owner Odyssey Gsp

DaniDani DC Odyessey's Twilight Dancer

DC Odyessy's Twilight Dancer

Dani is a liter mate of Charlie's from Rudy and was awarded her dual Championship title in 2015. Earning the 8 way tie for Rudy as breeding dame of the year!

Owned and bred by Chuck Parietti / Odyssey Gsp



Lotties Leaper V Greif- Grand Dame

Selway Lotties Leaper v GreifMy first and still my best shorthair. I spent most of the first two seasons trying to find her. She ranged with the wind and was able to find chukars like no other. Natural pointing, backing and retrieving. She trained me. Rudys ,Agro's and Echos's mom. 

Breeder Gary Gage, Owner Mike Carr


Gages Evolution V Greif- Whiteys (2022 Litter Stud) dad

"Titles are the proof of what you find on the paper" Unknown

Agro Gages Evolution v GreifNo title here just a great all around dog. At home in the field running down chukars and asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace. He is the definition of "a lab in a shorthairs coat". Ducks on the Snake at minus 5 or pulling you on your skis or mtn bike are all strong points. He is a big strong dog with that classic Grief head.

Breeder and Owner Mike Carr


As I am writing this I cant remember what her official name is!

So I will go with Awesome v grief  til I get around to finding paper work!

Lottie Greif greif shorthair puppiesLottie at 2.5 years has it all. Range, drive, smart, birdfinder, softmouth. She backed her, dad Agro at 5 months old on her first bunch of birds and it has all been downhill from there. She had 17 points on a hunt last week on wild chukars that had been hunted for 3 straight days. Again natural pointing, backing and retrieving. that means you just take them hunting and the rest is hardwired. They are pretty good at laying on the couch without training too. By the time she gets another year under her belt she may end up being my best shorthair to date.

Breeder and Owner Mike Carr

Some famous Greif Shorthairs on my dogs pedigrees!

Erlicher Abe

Ammertals Lancer D

Greif German Shorthairs Idaho

Snake River Lottie    Snake River Lottie..1991 All Age Gun Dog...2nd place nationals.

Tetons Sport

Tetons Sport....Sired Rudy, Agro, Echo and Toby

Toby Greif




Toby " Sports Renaissance"