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Just Listed Idaho- Today's New Listings Just listed With In The Last Few Days Do Not Last! Do Not Fool Around, House's Are Selling Like Hot Cakes & We Need To Be One Of The First Parties Through The Door Of These Hot Properties To Have A Chance. And If You Want Our Great Service, You Need To Call!

Just Sold 

Browse todays new listings for the Boise metro area. If you are just getting started in your search for a new home this a great place to start and with our Ez, smart search tools you will get results in a snap. Start your search here and we think you will love the search tools and search options so much you will end your search here. Our data feed updates at least 4 times an hour to ensure that the listings you are seeing here are the latest and most recent to hit the market. has an Instant Access 24/7 Agent standing by to meet you on a moment’s notice. So Never fear, we have an Underdog t-shirt stashed away to pull out in case of emergencies. Like can we meet you in 15 minutes? The answer is typically YES!

 How hot is the Boise real estate market? As of May homes that are new listings in the Boise mls have an average market time for the pending properties of 14 days. The solds from list to close are averaging 44 days. That’s fast.  Now this does not count all of the listings that were thrown in with the stratospheric prices that languished and eventually fell of market and were removed from mls. But you are not interested in those.You definatly can not afford to stand around and kick the tires or the dirt or you will, in this type of market end up pounding sand before you end up moving in.

Deal or Squeal- It pays to know

Getting educated on what is a good deal and what is pie in the sky is really important when faced with an active, competitive market. You will not have days and sometimes you may not even have hours to decide on a home before you find yourself in a multiple offer situation. You need a wide base of knowledge to make smart decisions. The easiest way to gain this, is to get some help from an experienced agent, one who takes the time to show you enough homes while helping you understand what factors influence resale. Yard direction, floor plan, location, condition all play a part in the valuation process. You need to be able to walk through the front door on a new listing and know, deal or squeal. If it is a deal, is it one that meets all of your basic criteria and do you want to try and get it tied up before the flood gates break. Sometimes it is timing and luck that gets your offer in front of the seller first. Other times it is bad luck that allows 4 other buyers to get to the door and get there offer there too. That is when a savvy and the experience of a knowledgeable agent for The Carr Team will pay off for you the most.

The Dreaded Multiple Offer Situation

Again, the ground work you have laid getting the market knowledge to make snap decisions that you can live with is is invaluable. Often the question you need to ask yourself when deciding what to offer on a just listed property is multi-faceted. Are there multiple offers, are you going in as the third offer or is your offer going to be the first on the table, what can you do to sweeten your offer up a little and finally this… if you wake up tomorrow morning and somebody else owns the house how distraught are you going to be? If the answer is not so much then put together an offer you feel good about and let the chips fall where they may. If the answer is really ticked off for having lost the house, offer more. Pull out all the stops to get your offer into first position. Sometimes crazy stuff works. Mike has even used tickets to a concert and a rafting trip to get his buyers one last chance at a house. Whatever works, so long as it is ethical. The Agents on the Carr Team are experienced negotiators and have for many years and hundreds of transactions helped buyers win the war of pricing and positioning in getting new listings under contract. Have you lost out on a home and are looking for an agent you can trust and count on to help you realize your dream even when the water is shark infested? Give the Instant Access Agent a call and lets get the process started!