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Boise - Just Listed. Here are today's new listings for Boise homes for sale, directly from the MLS. This is the up to the minute, comprehensive feed of homes for sale in the Boise real estate market. The homes listed for sale here are from the whole Boise metro mls, All real estate Agencies and builder’s in the area, and every hamlet burg and neighborhood. With the average market time for active mls listings of Boise homes for sale at 4 days it is imperative that you be the first or one of the first people to the front door. Even then on properties that are listed with a reasonable list price it is not uncommon to have multiple offers and bidding wars ensue. Bookmark this page so it is easy and quick to get back and check for the newest listings as they come on the market. That 4 day number is for the active listings which includes the properties that were overpriced to begin with. Some that are so overpriced they will never sell. Once we look at the pending homes for sale in Boise metro area what we see is a real eye opener. I just searched pending listings in the Boise mls. The average market time is 35 days. That does not sound so different from the actives. Except the numbers are being skewed. The median days on market is 8 days. That means of all the homes listed 50 % of them sold in less than a week. The other half averaged 70 days. The ones that took longer than a week were either overprice and are going to either have to waiting for the more aggressively price properties to sell and hope for no new listings or hope the new listings are priced slightly higher so theirs will sell. With numbers like these a great buyers agent helping you see the light and make great decisions is a must.

Case In Point- Here is an example of why you need to be on your mark and set so when the gun goes off so you can get a running start towards your new home. Generally on homes that are priced aggressively there is no time to spare. On one recent Reo bank owned home we listed we had multiple offers in the first 2 days. I had already fudged the price up higher than the comps indicated was appropriate because it was in one of the most active price ranges. Once the third offer came in the bank responded with 10 day waiting period before they would look at any offers. By day 4 we had 5 offers one 10k over full price. On day 10 two more offers came in with one being 20k over full price. This is a buyers nightmare. Not only do you have to pay through the nose, you have to wait 10 agonizing days in order to find out if your crazy offer was crazy enough to buy the house. Yes you might say we listed low. You also might say buyers frustrations are driving the market and they are paying more than the home is worth. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

The fact that I took the comps and then added 5-10 k to the price and offers still came in 20k higher definitely speaks to the frustration level that buyers are experiencing. Those who have been beat out time and time again on houses get tired of being in second place and start looking at the process not from a good deal prospective but more from a get me any deal. Suppose for a minute that the first offer on this home had been the very night it was listed instead of 1 o’clock on day 2. Let’s say it took the second offer 24 hours to get there proof of funds letter in to me. There is a good chance that the first offer may have bought themselves a house before offers 2,3 and 4 where ever a twinkle in the other buyers eye. There is no substitute in a crazy market for preparation and being aggressive. With regards to your loan, to being the first one through the door. Most importantly with being educated and able to make snap value decisions based on the education and expertise that you have gained in looking at houses with one of the insightful agents at If you are shopping for a great realtor to help you get educated and mentally be in a good place to be first then pick up the phone and call our Instant Access Agent right now. First to the door, first to the offer and hopefully early enough to stay out of a situation like I outlined above.