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You can buy a brand new home in Nampa for as little as $350,000 The median was around 550,000. If you are new to the area it is well worth noting that there are pros and cons associated with living in Nampa and even where in Nampa you live. Near the freeway on the northside of town is a sugar beet factory. If you grow sugar beets or own the factory then the smell it produces smells alot like money. But for the rest of us it is similar to a sweet smelling paper factory, in other words it stinks. So if you elect to buy a new home close to the freeway and sugar beet factory, your commute times to Boise will be 15-20 minutes less but you have to put up with the smell for 5 months out of the year. If on the other hand you elect to drive further and buy on the very south side along Greenhurst somewhere, you will rarely smell the money, but you will spend 15-20 minutes longer if you are a commuter to Boise.