Healthcare In Boise

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I Have Heart, Brain and Joint Problems Do The Hospitals & Doctors Do That In Boise?

Our hospitals are state of the art. Offering the very best healthcare from sickness to surgery, to the arrival of a new little one, we have 3 major hospitals in the area… St. Lukes, St. Alphonsus, and the Veterans Affairs medical center, better known as The Boise VA. In order to need outside medical assitance you need to be burned badly or have a 1 in 1,000,000 illness.

Many everyday family physician options are available that meet all the requirements of the best preforming Idaho healthcare plans. We do not, to the best of my knowledge have the big California insurance companies like Kaiser. My favorite is the new direct care approach. This works great for self employed and the under insured. You pay a one time fee of around $600 and the family physician takes care of all of your needs excluding specialist and surgery. You then take out a low cost insurance policy so if you need major medical you have it. One such provider is Initial Pointe Family Medicine.

St Lukes Medical Center meridianSt. Luke’sRegionally ranked #1 in Idaho, St. Luke’s Boise is the largest health care provider in Idaho. They offer a wide array of services and are home to 4 major specialty hospitals. St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital (the only children’s hospital in Idaho) St. Luke’s Heart, St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute, St. Luke’s Center for minimally Invasive Surgery. Add in the smaller emergency centers throughout the treasure valley like the one in Eagle and healthcare in Boise is always near. The hospital has been ranked nationally in Diabetes care as well as pulmonology. Their two main hospitals are located in downtown, Boise and the other at Eagle Road and the freeway in Meridian, Idaho.

St. Alphonsus -  St. Alphonsus is the leading hospital when it comes to cardiovascular health. They too have emergency locations throughout the Treasure Valley. Boise, Eagle, and two in Nampa. Their specialties include Cancer care, Orthopedics, Neuroscience, Women’s Services, and Surgery. Both hospitals are great, I attest to this fact from direct personal knowledge.

Both St. Lukes and St. Alphonsus offer various classes open to the public.

The VA – Those who know of the “Veterans Affairs” are most likely themselves veterans or know somebody who is who has received care from the organization. Boise is home to one of the many medical centers open to aiding veterans and their families. This is the only Veteran Association Medical Center with Hospital Service in Idaho. They offer primary, secondary and specialty care.

There are also many small direct care facilities that operate much like emergency rooms but for non life threatening medical issues. Need stitches, Tamiflu or have a sprained ankle. These are a great first stops prior to spending your retirement at the emergency room for three stitches.

From History To Housing Arrive A Transplant, Leave A Local!