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Single Level Homes

Lets talk about the benefits of owning a single level home. Easier maintenance is one plus. The exterior of a single level home is much easier to maintain. Then there is the stair issue. Stairs are space wasters and there can be an accessibility issues for older couples who don't want to climb stairs and stairs are dangerous to youngsters. When it comes to resale the more accessible the better. Easier renovations are another advantage of homes on one level, the simplified and accessible nature of one floor house plans means they are also easier and in many cases less expensive when it comes time to paint or put in new windows. In the event of a fire, jumping from a first floor window has distinct advantages to leaping out of the second story of a home. Newer single levels generally allow for a taller ceiling height, which most buyers prefer. Finally two story homes can be noisy if the playroom is upstairs over the master, forget sleeping in.

Single Level Homes With The Bonus Room Upstairs

Lately this floor plan has become really popular as it is an inexpensive addition of extra space. For the cost of a staircase, open trusses and a little paint an carpet a home buyer gets the benefit of a great playroom! Typically over the garage, the noise issue of a two story is not a big problem. You get all the benefits of a single level home and no toys taking up the family room. No muss, no fuss!

Homes With Main Level Master Bedrooms

With the growing number of aging baby boomers a main level master has become a sensational feature to look for from both a resale standpoint and for the overall livability of your new home! There is no question that some buyers will not consider a home if they have to climb stairs to get to the master bedroom. Less demand will result in a lower sales price down the road. So if resale is important to you a main level master should be one of the features at the top of your list. As far as liveability goes there are numerous reasons why a young energetic couple might want a main level master! It is closer to the kitchen! Convenience to the living area, the kitchen, laundry room or garage is just plain nice. Aside from the obvious benefit of not having to climb stairs, you are further from the noisy teenagers, you can live in the home longer as you age and may become unable to climb stairs. For empty nesters, there is an energy savings to be had by not heating the spare upstairs bedrooms until the kids come for Christmas.

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