31 Reasons Why Moving To Boise 

Equals The Best Decision Ever

From History To Housing Arrive A Transplant, Leave A Local!

Reasons Move To Boise If you are considering why a move to Boise Idaho or Meridian Id is a great idea, consider this. Moving to Boise is like stepping into a 21st century Norman Rockwell painting, Boise Idaho has it all! So does Meridian, Boise and Meridian have grown together and enjoy all the same great stuff, from climate to restaurants and BSU. One thing Boise does not have are overpriced sporting tickets and the ocean, which are both 6-7 hours down I-84. Oh yeah…and crime. If you need a reason to move from California to Boise There it is. Moving to Boise is low crime- no crime! Why Why Why Move to Boise Indeed, getting the idea? From The Boise Art Museum to Boise State University, from the great college sports scene, to the friendly people and great parks, moving to Boise is exciting. From the vineyards and wineries in the Snake River Valley Ava to the stage’s at The Morrison Center and the Shakespeare Festival, Boise is timeless. With world class health care for young and old alike, moving to Boise is ageless. A little piece of Americana, Boise is a little throwback and a little cutting edge. From the ever emerging high tech scene, the everywhere coffee shops and the prolific restaurants to the flannel shirted climbing crowd at the Asana climbing gym and the hoard of whitewater enthusiast who ponder the rapids on the Payette river. A move to Boise is a little bit city and a whole lot of wide open spaces. Grab your golf clubs, fly rod or shotgun, your bike or your binoculars, moving to Boise will get you outdoors. Moving to Boise means star filled sky’s in an Idaho hot spring or the heated pool at the Sun Valley Lodge! A cabin on the Payette Lake in McCall or a wall tent at your new elk camp! Selling a Move to Boise is easy! Boise is a little of Andy’s Mayberry, with internet and a dozen or so more people, only friendlier! From the great weather to the great schools a move to Boise is pretty stress free. Moving to Boise with it’s no crime rate means friendly neighbors and friendly people everywhere. Moving to Boise is “chill”, so says my 18 year old anyway! I am a fourth generation Idahoan and we have been introducing people to Boise since 1990 and would love to help you find a great home. If you decide to relocate to Boise we hope this gives you a little taste of the awesomeness that a move to Boise Idaho is. Want to see some homes or do a core tour?

Pros and Cons of moving to Boise and Meridian- Pros, everything, cons would be lower wages.

 Move To Boise For Great Sunrise Scenery

7 Reasons A Move To Boise Is For Everyone

1. Why A Move To Boise? For Low Crime Rates

Move To Boise - Greenbelt WalksIdaho, the whole state, has 24 murders a year. These count people who knew each other, drug deals gone bad and the random acts of violence. Home burglary’s are rare too. With the 6th highest gun ownership rate in the United States, crooks here are more worried about running into the business end of a shotgun than a house wife in her pajamas. Same goes for carjackings, muggings et. al. Idaho’s statewide violent crime rate is so low just six states, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, Wyoming and Utah had lower violent crime rates. Nationally, Idaho has one of the lowest rates of non-violent property crime. Only New York state and Puerto Rico had lower property crime levels. This may be one of the reasons that the people in Boise are so friendly!

2. Move To Boise & Meet Friendly People

When you walk down the street in Boise, people say hello, they look you in the eye. Fearless and unfrightened. The fun friendly vibe runs from the cashier at the gas station and the tellers at the bank to the stranger who holds the door open at the hardware store. Flat tire? People still stop to help when you need help and sometimes when you do not. The lack of crime means a low fear factor. In large cities you look over your shoulder, lock your doors and park in well-lit areas. In Boise we are super surprised to find out the neighborhood 14 year old went through the glove boxes on all the open cars in the neighborhood last night. This is the first time I have thought about parking in a well-lit area since the last time I was in Oakland, California. Be it in line at the cash machine, the grocery store or on your way into the concert at the school, people here are gregarious, friendly and fun loving!

Read More, 3. Moving To Boise Means...

What's Happening In Boise.. February-March 2020 

Current Events Boise

Why Move To Boise? What is there to do in Boise In the February and March? Lets just say alot, from indoors to outdoors. In addition to enjoying a low crime, no crime lifestyle, great weather and friendly people there is always something fun to do! Read on and remember this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also walk, run or bike the greenbelt or Ridge to Rivers trails. Visit the world center For The Birds Of Prey at either the center on Cole road south of town or the Natural area along the snake river south of Boise 40 miles. Hey how long has it been since you went roller skating at an indoor rink. It is like stepping back in time to Norman Rockwells America! Catching a movie at the Imax, hit the thrift stores or shop nic nacs in all the cute shops downtown or at the Village in Meridian, all viable options. Have fun and yes you can expect people to let you in as you drive around town! We really are friendly. Below are a few more things that only happen in February and March.

Downhill Skiing

Boise has great outdoor recreation and skiing is no exception. With 4 great ski hills with in 2.5 hours, if you are coming for a visit bring your park and pants and hit the slopes.=

Bogus Basin

Not sure you have heard, but grab your ski’s and get an early start, because with all the snow the parking has been a real headache this year. That said once on the slopes, cowabunga. 45 winding minutes at 15 mph. Bogus Basins has a great night skiing set up and is open til 10 pm 7 nights a week.

Tamarack Resort

“Tami” rewards the hardcores for the extra windshield time it takes to get there with lots of vertical and some great snow. Another big bonus is ample parking and shorter lift lines than you will find at Bogus Basin. 1.5 hours.

Brundage Mountain

If great powder and an off kilter fall line is for you try Brundage Mountain Resort. Long known for getting quality and quantities of powder. While lacking in big vertical, Brundage makes up for it with quality and quaintness.

Sun Valley

At 2.5 hours plus Ketchum is a drive, but Baldy is a mountain. Perfect fall lines, perfect grooming. Great Apres ski. She doe not come cheap, either in effort to get there or the pricing, but if you are a good skier you owe it to yourself to nonstop Warm Spring on an early spring morning. 3000 vertical feet of corduroy, absolute grooming perfection.

The Idaho Steelheads Hockey

The Idaho Steelheads hockey team has been thrilling fans for over 20 years at the Century Link Arena. Located in Downtown Boise this raucous arena is a great place to take the kids or meet friends for some fast pace action. It is not to late, with 5 home stands left this year grab a couple of tickets and chuck your puck for a chance at the huge cash prize. The Steelheads last regular season home game is April 4, 2020.

Boise State University Sports

The Mens and Womens Basketball seasons are in full swing. This year promises to be full of excitement as the Bronco men are killing it. Leading the league and most probably headed to the big dance

Morrison Center Events

The Morrison Center is Boise’s premiere venue for high quality preforming arts. Located Riverside on the campus of Boise State University. Following are the highlights in February and March. Comfy seats and great acoustics!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live: The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour
I have no idea what this is but feel free to partake. Sunday, February 9, 2020. 7Pm

Broadway in Boise – The Play That Goes Wrong
January 31- February 2 2020

La Boheme – Opera Idaho
February 14-16

Broadway In Boise - Stomp
February 21-22

Boise Philharmonic – The War Of The Romantics
Saturday February 29, 2020. 7:30 Pm

The Bachelor Live On Stage
Thursday March 5, 2020. 7:30 Pm

Boise Philharmonic – Walt Disney In Concert
Saturday March 7, 2020. 7 Pm

Ballet Idaho – Light Dark
Friday & Saturday March 13-14

Joe Bonamassa Guitar Aficionado
March 17,2020. 8 Pm

Dancing With The Stars Live, 2020 Tour
Friday March 20, 2020. 7:30 Pm

The Illisionists – Direct and Alive Straight From Broadway!
Broadway in Boise March 31- April 1, 2020

Other Concerts, Shows & Stuff

Stone Temple Pilots
February 8 2020, At The Knitting Factory

Cirque Du Soleil: Ovo
Sunday March 1, 2020, ExtraMile Arena

Winter Fun – Day Trips

Hot Springs
Try Goldfork near Donnelly, for $10, take your pick of 3 different pools. If something a little closer or more rustic is your style, Campground hot spring near Garden Valley or Kirkham near Lowman are both good choices.

Ice Fishing
Lake Cascade or Magic reservoir both offer freezing fishing for the hearty. The perch at Cascade can be huge and tasty.

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing

OIt is a gas…er. Skate or old school in the tracks is offered at Bogus Basin (rentals). The system is huge and has both easy trails and giant climbs. Also there are state run Park and Ski areas out Highway 21 that require a $25.00 parking permit. McCall has several groomed areas, Bear Basin, Jughandle and Ponderosa State Park have great trail systems. I think Jughandle or Park and ski are best if you have dogs.

Wild Idaho Explorers Spring Break Camp

Idaho state Historical Society

For first to fifth grade kids. Exploring everything that makes Idaho wild at the Idaho State Historical Museum. March 24-27 from 9-4 at the museum in Julia Davis Park. Rivers, Mountains and deserts highlight the fare. Scampers enter the museums exhibits and learn about much of the varied flora and fauna of Idaho's array of naturalness. They can float a boat, create a board game and experience farmer freeze tag! Members $160/ Non $190.

Explore dry deserts, soaring mountains, and swift rivers. Navigate the wild landscapes that make Idaho such a unique state. Campers will travel through the Museum’s exhibits and learn about the plants, animals, and people that call these places home. They can create a desert themed board game, float a boat, or play farmer freeze tag as they learn about the ecosystems that have defined Idaho.

Treefort Music Festival 2020

March 25-30 Treefort is back celebrating a decade of music, art and more  Hundreds of Shows of a plethora of stages and venues. From the music and art to the food, thinkers and comics there is something for everyone. Enjoy film and literary arts and so much more. Tickets are $125 Under 21/ General $210 / Zipline to the front of the line $385.

new favorite bands, films, writers, yogis, hackers, thinkers, comics, makers, artists, ales, and foods while getting a little rock’n’roll wild with our friends and neighbors. For many of those going to school, Treefort l


Relocate To Boise For Great River Access

3. Moving To Boise Means Awesome Greenbelt & Parks

As a beneficiary of the many corporations that made Boise great in the middle of the 20th century Boise Parks & Recreation has a system of riverside parks all tied together by the 25 mile long greenbelt park which gives runners, walker, bike riders, fisherman, birdwatchers all a place to access the riparian area. Get a work out, or just take a few minutes to sit and watch the leaves turn colors! Anchored by Barber Park and Lucky Peak State Park on the east end, you can also enjoy the Bethine Church River trail, a 24 acre natural area was designate such to commemorate her efforts to preserve and conserve public lands. Boise River Water Park SupFurther west fin Ann Morrison and Julia Davis Parks that have long been the heart and sole of the Boise parks. Just downstream of these are Kathryn Albertsons Park which is a semi developed naturalized area with ponds, pools and benchs to sit and enjoy nature. Having just opened, the Ester Simplot park encompasses 55 acres and has a full 23 acres in ponds. Together this string of parks represent Boise’s “Ribbon Of Jewels”. Add in all the neighborhood parks scattered around the rest of the city and per capita we win. I am awarding Boise the designation of number one city for killer parks west of Yellowstone and east of Jordan Craters!

4. Move To Boise & Enjoy Great Weather

Boise is high desert with about 12 inches of precipitation a year. 206 sunny days a year, 41 days with measurable precipitation and 30 inches of snow each winter. 4 true seasons like the Midwest, but winter time lows rarely below 0. I think this sums it up “winters are a little too cold, summer a little too hot, the rest of the year is perfect”. As I write this on St. Patrick’s day it is 71 degrees and sunny with a few puffy white clouds floating by. The “Indian” summers last well into October and we often will see a few days in November in the low 70’s. It is not uncommon to have 80 degree days in October. 7 out of 10 years December 20 finds us hoping for some snow so we can have a white Christmas. About 5 out of 10 years we actually get one! This year was the heaviest snow year since sometime in the 1940’s. We had a foot for a few weeks. Typically we get 3 inches and it melts off. Then a week later a couple more inches. Spring and fall are characterized by an occasional storm front passing through and the rest of the time it is ideal! Boise National Weather Service

5. Mr. Clean Wants To Move To Boise

Relocate To Boise For Fall Colors. They Are Moving! Friendly people don’t litter. It is a small little city and throwing something out the window of your car is going to get you cat called, honked at or worse. The guy behind you is probably your neighbor or your son’s best friends dad. Our industry is clean, so is our air. Our water is clean and comes from an aquifer the size of lake Erie. The river is clean, the people are generally even clean! The only bad is we periodically get an inversion in the winter. This happens when we have really high pressure without storms and the cold night time are gets trapped in the valley. Hey if it was perfect, you would not appreciate the 55 degree sunny day we sometimes get in January! As I said winter is a little to cold, summer a little to hot.

6. Moving To Boise Equals Great Schools

Garbage in garbage out! Parents care, so do the kids. Without a lot of unruly kids to deal with the teacher spend a majority of the time actually teaching! Our son went to a mix of regular public and some magnets and charter schools when he was younger. He will graduate in May with a great gpa and a 32 on the Act. If he did it so can your kids! The Boise Independent and the West Ada school districts are considered the tops. There are a handful of grade schools that I would steer clear of, but other than that I think it is more on the child, parental support and which teacher he or she gets!

7. Move To Boise For Affordability

Boise is right around the national average for cost of living. Housing is a little higher, ouch. That said factor in the quality of living and Boise is great. Yes a north end house in Boise costs $300k while it only costs $100k in Kansas, but who wants to live in Kansas (sorry Kansas). Compared to other northwest cities Boise is pretty inexpensive. Unlike California we drive 20 miles to ski, 30 miles to go rafting and mountain bike right from our front door. Factor that in and Boise is awesome!

 Urban Reasons- In Town & Indoors 

Boise Art Scene8. Move To Boise For The Art Scene

I have written a blog about the dynamic, thriving, diverse hip, cool art scene in Boise. You can read it right HERE!

9. Moving To Boise & Eating At Great Boise Restaurants 

Foodies Love Boise IdahoI also have a page  on good places to eat when visiting Boise that you can check out HERE! Boise has a very diverse and somewhat eclectic foodie scene. With old school steak and potato chop houses like Chandlers & The Locke, Stock & Barrel. Fish from inexpensive joints like Reel foods and Fresh Off The Hook to stylish Lucky Fins! Sushi and teppanyaki too, all the chains like Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings & Cheesecake Factory to food trucks and Gyro stands! Try the habanero pizza at The Flying Pie or Pizza by the slice at The Pie Hole! Ethnic cuisine is springing up hither and yon, try the Mai Thai Restaurant for Thai or the Masala Bistro or the Bombay Grill for a taste of India. In Meridian Epi’s Basque restaurant has family style dining & Louie’s & Gino’s are both great for Italian! Louie’s is a more affordable family style event. While Gino’s is a little more expensive, dressier dinner date type of place. Gino’s has a nice outdoor patio for summer time wine sipping!

10. Move To Boise For Great Community Education

If you are looking to get some more education, Boise offers everything from a Boise State engineering degree in nano technology to Boise schools sponsored community education series called Boiselearns.org where volunteers teach classes on everything from cooking to fly tying. Paella 101 will teach you how to create with a worldwide flair at your next family event. Enroll in Tai Chi for Beginners, Chickens For Beginners, Ninja For Kids or Geology of Idaho!

11. Move To Boise For Semi-Pro & College Sports

Combine Boise State University Athletic events with the Boise Hawks or the Idaho Steelheads hockey and there are world class spectator sports the year around. The Boise State Bronco’s football team has been on a 10 year climb to become a powerhouse in the west. Regularly beating the teams they face from the power conferences. It has been and will continue to be a blast following this dynamic program as it continues to flex it’s muscles. Boise State basketball has been steadily improving since they lured away long time Gonzaga assistant Leon Rice. Oh so close…just missing March madness this year was disappointment. The raucous crowds at the Idaho Steelheads hockey games will have you dancing. Between the fast paced play, the lively music and fun contests, a good time is had by all in this cozy 2000 seat arena! More sedate and from a by gone era enjoy opening day with some peanuts and popcorn and cracker jacks while watching The Chicago Cubs farm team, The Boise Hawks crush a few dingers!

Moving To Boise Idaho Idaho Wines12. Move To Boise For Great Idaho Wine

The Snake River Valley Ava was granted a petition in 2007. With a total area of over 8000 square miles and over 1800 acres in production, Idaho wines are coming into their own! While Riesling has long been a strong performer other varietals have come on strong as of late. Learn More About Idaho Wine From The Idaho Wine Commission.

13. The Boise Farmers Market, Capital City Public Market, Farmers Market In Meridian

The Boise Farmers Market focuses on local food, cultivating new farmers, incubating new food ideas, and creating.... 9 to 1 Saturdays April to October.

The Capital City Public Market Aims To:

• Be a marketplace for local growers and producers
• Provide access to local food
• Educate and inform the community on sustainable local food systems
• Support sustainable farm operations and thriving economies
• Enable world class farmers markets to grow, nourish and sustain communities

Since 1994 The “original” has tried to foster an atmosphere where the consumer actually meets the producer. On 8th street in the heart of Downtown Boise from 9:30-1:30 on Saturdays Starting in April!

Meridian Farmers Market ‘s

Public Market At The Village At Meridian Id
Saturday’s & “Arrive After 5” market on Thursday’s

14. Move To Boise For Concerts & Shows

From traveling national shows, whether you enjoy traveling Broadway style shows or Ron White, Boise gets them all. The summer series of outdoor concerts at the Outlaw Field Near Idahos historical old Idaho penitentiary & The Idaho Botanical Garden, to the small regional touring acts, Boise has no shortage of shows concerts and events. Check out Treefort, Roseberry or the Idaho Shakespeare festival, they are all fun.

 Rafters Love Moving To Boise For Whitewater

Outdoor Recreation In Boise

Spring Snow Storms Are Good Reasons To Move To BoiseCheck, A move to Boise means an abundance in the natural resources column! It means moving to Boise is for the active, the adventurous, the fit and those hoping to recreate themselves into shape! If you love being outdoors, whether it is golfing or bird watching, kayaking a river or just gliding across Redfish Lake, moving to Boise Idaho won’t make you a redneck but it will have you recreating with a few! Two thirds of Idaho is Public land. Two thirds of the public lands are mountains. At the bottom of every mountain is a whitewater river. Many of the mountains have ski lifts on them, and those that do not are dripping with solitude, scenery and wildlife. A move to Boise means enough unfettered scenic views to last two life times! It is all encompassing, raft the Bruneau river, hike to a high mountain lake, like Langer or Tyee Lakes and you will see that under the lakes are the words of many Idahoans who have tried to live up to the opportunities Idaho has to offer. Visit a whitewater “Mecca” like the Lochsa River or explore the newly appointed Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness areas. Idaho has so much to offer from thrill to chill. All low cost and close by! Solidtude up the kazoo too. How much solitude can you get in today’s America? As a mental picture, take 1.5 million people out of Los Angeles and set them aside in reserve. Remove everybody else from California north of the Bay. Put 600,000 of our Los Angeles reservists in San Francisco and spread the other million out across the rest of northern California to Oregon. That is Idaho!  600,000 peeps near Boise and the other million spread out from Yellowstone to Canada. Moving to Boise is permanent, no one wants to leave!

15. World Class Mountain Biking

The ridge to rivers trail system with nearly 200 miles of trails gets Boise ranked high on the mountain bike love lists. Combine that with the greenbelt and the Kristen Armstrong Bikeway and what you get is a bikers dream!

16. Float The Boise River or World Class Whitewater

Noah Carr Loves Moving To Boise For White WaterFrom the surf wave on the Boise river in town at the Boise River Whitewater Park to the Payette, Boise and Bruneau rivers, world class rafting is close and the variety is unparalleled. From class 2-3 sections like Swirly Canyon and The Main on the Payette river, to the new class 4++ rapids on the South Fork Of The Boise and finally the Class V North Fork Of The Payette, there truly is something for everyone. Inner tubing the Boise through town in the summer has been a ritual since before I first did it in 1973. Eek I am getting old. Add to these gems the other 3000 odd miles of whitewater in the state and it is a life’s work just to pound out all the whitewater runs in Idaho! In the words of the late great John Denver.. “Almost heaven West ..fork of the Bruneau…Rocky Mountains Not Strangers to whitewater” That’s a loose paraphrasing…. Visiting and want to take a trip Try Idaho Whitewater Unlimited! Raft on! 

17. World Class Trout Fishing

Yep it is true, confirmed by Montanans, Alaskans and Californians alike. When the Owyhee river or the South Fork Of The Boise are “ON” look out. Dry flies ranging from betis, caddis, cicada, salmon flies, bwo, hoppers will take these wild rainbows and browns. Midges in the off season and word has it that there is a springtime stonefly hatch on the South Fork Of The Boise in March! Regularly fish over 20 inches are netted and released and occasionally a real hog will try and jerk your arm off. Both tail water rivers means the water temperatures are conducive and the fish fight hard. The Owyhee is primarily wading and the floaters love the South Fork Of The Boise, although wading is fine here when flows are under 900 cfs or so.

18. Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding

Boulder Mountains From Sun Valley's Bald MountainBogus Basin Resort- A 1 hour winding 16 mile drive from downtown Boise brings you to the Simplot Lodge Complex at Bogus Basin. Under new management, this long time not for profit local ski hill is trying to flex its muscles and add a Park City style summertime Luge/roller sleds. During ski season advanced intermediate terrain is serviced by 4-7 lifts. The vertical is around 1800 feet. All things considered it is an out of this world community ski hill. The sale price for Passes $339, the longer you wait, the more it costs. They used to have a deal where if you just moved to town they would give you the sale price, but I am not sure if the new manager is doing that. If there is a knock Bogus Basin desperately needs a quad from the base up the south face.

Brundage Mountain Resort- McCalls local ski hill. Great family mountain. Consistently has the best powder of the southern Idaho ski hills. 2 hours from Boise. With a vertical drop of 1921 feet and 5 lifts that service 1920 acres, the resort averages 320 inches of all natural snowfall at the base! Get your pass right now on sale for $419

Tamarack- Idaho’s newest ski hill has emerged like the phoenix from the fire of bankruptcy court and it appears as if it will be here as long as there are people who want to ski. With 6 lifts that service 1000 acres, I have yet to make it to Tamarack. It is at the top of my list for next year! Pass sale price until April 3rd is $369.

Sun Valley Resort. Bing-Bang-Boom get your checkbook out and get ready to experience world class skiing, apres ski and twinkling stars and starlets. Since 1939 the Sun Valley resort has been pushing the frontiers of skiing and being cool! The local tip here is the inexpensive lodge and ski lift packages that run up until December 20th. They also have some late spring deals that rock to. The mountain is 3000 vertical feet all at one angle, down. Groomed to perfection, get first ride on warm springs side and enjoy an epic top to bottom racer down warm springs. No peeps in front of you and perfect corduroy everywhere. If off trail is more your thing head straight for the bowls or hit the world famous bump lines down Upper River. You cannot go wrong here.

19. Cross Country Skiing At Bogus Basin

Nordic Lodge Bogus basin Cross Country SkiingBogus Basin Nordic has a tremendous facility with the Nordic highway being flat and perfect for active seniors and kids and the lower loop and mores mountain are standing by to kick bottom on those looking for a challenge. McCall with Bear Basin and Ponderosa State Park is ever popular. Sun Valley’s main trail system has 115 km of trails which play host to the Sun Valley Nordic Festival each February. The highlight of the festival are the 15 and 34 kilometer races. More Off Piste- Idaho Park & Ski.

20. Move To Boise For Affordable Golf 

A host of professional style golf courses await the golfing enthusiasts. Choose one of the homes for sale on private golf clubs like Banbury Golf Club in Eagle, Spurwing The Club, or Crane Creek Country Club, they can be quite luxurious. Look at homes for sale on Meridians Lakeview Golf Course or near the Boise City courses called Quail Hollow and Warms Springs Golf course! There are tons of golf courses and you can read about the HERE on my Idaho Golf course page.

21. Youth Sports In Boise Idaho

We did soccer…. Two knee surgeries later I would say, go camping. But if you have a little hard core it is all here, from ultra competitive soccer and football programs to baseball and La crosse. My wife’s friend has a son that does gymnastics and he just won a meet in Portland. Basketball until you are blue in the face. There is even motocross for kids. If you need some research done on the sports front, fire us off ages and sports and we will research a little for you.

22. Camping Spots Near Boise.... OMG! 1000's Of Them!

Move To Boise For Great CampingAs I mentioned earlier two thirds of the state is public land. Options include glam camping where you reserve a space on the recreation.gov website for the most sought after spots and lakes. Redfish Lake near Stanley Idaho has a big chunk of these on line spots. But there are also hundreds of forest service camp grounds that are first come first serve. Find an empty spot and back in. Go pay the fee at the drop box and you are all set. Then of course there is what the forest service refers to as “dispersed camping”. Basically anywhere you want just don’t trash it. There are of course rules for driving off road etc. But that aside there are 50 or so great spots right along the Payette river between Garden valley and Grandjean that have no services and no toilet, but typically do have a river rock fire pit. Some of the besties are right on the river! These type of camping spots are everywhere, Bear Valley, Hi Valley, Third Fork, there are literally thousands of wide spots, nooks by the creek, age old elk camps all calling for you to come lay your weary head down after a long day of fun in the wilds of Idaho.

23. No Better Reason To Move To Boise - Hunting!

Move To Boise Hunting In IdahoHunting in Idaho is as diverse as any state in the nation with the exception of Alaska. In Idaho without a special lottery tag you can hunt Quail, Chukars, Pheasant, Grouse, Huns, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Doves, Woodcock, Sagegrouse, Sharptails, Deer, Elk, Bear, Wolf, Coyote, Cougar, Bobcat, Antelope and oh yea Wabbit. If you win the lottery add moose, rocky mountain and desert bighorn sheep and Mountain Goats. With all the public land just grab your elk tag in the morning drive an hour or so and by dark you will be waste deep in the Idaho backcountry! Funny thing is some of my best spots are right off highways. Drive up to Bear Valley and there are hunters everywhere. Stop half way to Bear Valley on the highway and there is often no body. I blew a transmission line on my way to Bear Valley one year and ended up sitting next to the car for 2 hours waiting for a ride as hunters poured by. We heard 3 elk bugle from the highway! I went back 2 days later and voila! Need a liscence or tag...Online Idaho Fish And Game.

24. Fishing In Boise Means Variety

Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Trout, Catfish, Whitefish, Crayfish, Crappie, Bluegill, Walleye and Perch. I must be forgetting something but this is a summer full. There is a waterway and fishing spot for everyone. Try lures in the fall in the Snake river Near Hells Canyon and fill the cooloer up. Rig down riggers in many mid elevation mountain lakes like Deadwood and Anderson ranch for kokanee. Flick a microscopic fly out to the pickiest of trout on the famous Silver Creek near Sun Valley if you think you are ready for grad school. Many of the central Idaho streams are loaded with west slope cutthroats who willingly gobble up about any well presented fly. Hit The Salmon or Clearwater rivers for the large salmon and steelhead who return some 600-900 miles up the Colombia and Snake rivers each year, Seasons run from June through April. Online Idaho Fish And Game.

25. Waterskiing - Lucky Peak & Arrowrock Reservoirs

If you are a hard core water skier northeast or southeast Boise is for you. Arrive home from work and 30 minutes later you will be winging it across Lucky Peak with the kids in tow. On weekends head out to any one of 30 or 40 lakes or reservoirs within 2 hours of Boise for some variety. Large impoundments along the snake river are good choices early in the year when the temperatures in McCall and Cascade might just be freezing. Cj Strike, and Brownlee are the most popular. High in the mountains, lakes like Redfish and Payette will be calling your name. Want something a little more out of the way? How about Deadwood reservoir, Arrowrock or Anderson Ranch they are all big enough to spend the whole day or a whole week.

26. Move To Boise & Climb The Black Cliffs

Asana Climbing GymSport climb the black cliffs just east of Boise, or travel to Leslie Gulch on the Owyhee river in Oregon. Want to free climb instead? The granite of the Sawtooths and the Salmon river mountains is good solid rock and with a consummate amount of effort you can put up some exceptional climbs. Follow others footsteps to the Elephants Perch, or follow your own trail to some other unnamed unclimbed face and call it your own. The famous City Of Rocks is just 3 hours from Boise and once you have been there you can count on its beck and call luring you back. Plus stay tuned up at the Asana Climbing Gym in town!

27. Boise Is Hot Spring Country

Hundreds of hotsprings dot the countryside, like Kirkham and Pine Flats on the Payette River. Near McCall you will find hot pots out in the wilds and commercialized springs like Gold Fork and Zimms in New Meadows. The State is bless with hundreds of those pools of golden warmth. After a long day on the mountain a soak can be the best medicine for what ails you!

28. Rock Hounding Near Boise

The Idaho state gem is the star garnet which is found only in Idaho and India! Sourced in northern Idaho, you have to drive for that one. But near Boise you will find geodes, petrified wood, chalcedony including jasper, agent and Smokey quartz. Along highway 95 and just across the state line in Oregon are areas with plant and small invertebrate fossils. Opal both common and fire style are sometimes found as well!

29. Kiteboarding Is Cool! Be Cool Honeybunny!

Move To Boise!Move To Boise For Camping

The Camas Prairie between Mountain Home and Fairfield as become a regionally famous winter time kiteboarding destination. The consistent winds and the unique terrain combine for a sensational time spent 20 feet in the air!

30. Backpacking Within 3 Hours Of Boise.. OMG X 2

Unlimited opportunities to explore the back country from the newest wilderness areas in the Owyhee Canyonlands to old standby’s like the Sawtooths, The Frank Church –River Of No Return & The Selway-Bitterroot wilderness areas. The options are endless, fly in spring back packing along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is a long time secret trip of several friends who are wildlife watchers. Before the rafters show up and the snow retreats, find deer, elk, bears and big horns all in prolific numbers wondering the hillsides near the river! Another popular trip is a circumnavigation of the Sawtooths starting and ending from one of the three sides and ending on one of the others. Grandjean, Stanley and Atlanta are the beginning and the end points. My favorite is to start at the Queens river trail head near Atlanta and proceed to the Ten lakes Basin and then on to Stanley. You can do it in 3 days or 10 depending on the route you choose and how many side trips you take!

31. Gardening In Boise - Yard To Table.

Boise has an average last day of frost sometime in mid-May. Plant your peas and broccoli in late March. Summer time weather is characterized by cool nights and hot days. Sun, sun and more sun. Typically the night time temperatures stay warm enough for the tomatoes to ripen around July 10th.

32. Firebird Drag Racing Eagle Idaho

Not sure this qualifies as recreation but gear heads love the races at Firebird Raceway. There is everything from “NITRO FUNNY CARS” to high school races where you can bring mom and dad’s Camry out and see what it will do. Hit the pits or just hang in the bleachers with friends!

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