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 North End Homes For Sale- Boise Id

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Northend Boise homes for sale have few peers! The North end in Boise Idaho has been ranked as one of the top neighborhoods in the whole country when it comes a great lifestyle and excellent quality of life. The Northend Boise Homes for sale run the gambit from century old victorians to a super mod luxury view homes in the hills!....Read more 


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Where is the best neighborhood. It may well depend on you. After so many years as a Boise real estate agent, I have been asked where is the best place to live hundreds of times. My answer always has been and will continue to be “It depends on who you are”. However on occasion a newbie to Boise will ask something like this, ..what Boise neighborhood has the greatest sense of place? To that the answer is equally monotonous and exciting all at the same time. The North End it is, hands down. Defined by its sense of place like no other, they area was tabbed by The American Planning Association as one of the 10 great neighborhoods in all of America. Characterized by quiet tree lines streets and quaint historic homes a walk or a ride through the North End is like stepping into a Norman Rockwell Painting. Roll your jeans up, the charisma and charm ooze out of every pore.All the way from State Street to Camelsback Park and from Edwards Nursery to Outlaw Field you need to be ready to wave at the neighbors, wink and smile at the server and give way to the bikers runners and walkers. There are hallmarks the year round to fill the sense’s, each and every one distinctly Boise’s Northend. The line of ski bums, thumb out,in front of Greenwood's Mountain Sports, the annual 60% off end of season sale at Mcu’s get the north ends heart beating at the start of each year. The trees that bloom white and resplendent along Harrison Boulevard each year mark the dawn of spring, fresh and full of promise, there is the show of sound and light from atop the hill at Camelsback Park on the Fourth of July,all of these let you know that you are still alive and can feel young again even if it is just in your heart. A walk or cruiser ride downtown for one of the hundreds of events is the plain old norm. Residents of the northend enjoy easy access to Alive after 5, The Saturday Markets and the Twilight Criterium which are all highly anticipated as spring turns to summer. The Hyde Park street fair marks the end of trout rising in the Boise river and the beginning of the leaves cascading in all there splendor. Tailgating at the bsu football games is always a big time. Through all of this seeps the life blood of the north end, the little things that make it special, a beer on the patio in Hyde Park or at various other brew pubs within walking or riding distance from nearly every home. Killer climbs on Ridge to Rivers trail system or a cruiser trip along the Boise river on the greenbelt. The turnout for community events like paint the town are extraordinary. With many community corner parks and all of the larger parks along the greenbelt corridor including the new whitewater play wave and the soon to be finished 55 Acre Ester Simplot Park there is plenty of space to stretch your legs and shed the stress.

The microcosms of the Northend vary and are quite indistinct. For instance some consider the foothills, the foothills. Others call them the north end. Is the area of old homes east of St Luke’s East Boise or is it the North end. For the purposes of my web site I have included it in the north end as the housing styles are the same. But for most people that live off Warm Springs, they would look at you cross eyed if you said to them “what a cute north ender your house is”. They live off Warm Springs or in the east end. Some people call the area south of state the north end, some do not. You get the point. Fuzzy boundaries.

Hyde Park

The Hyde park area is the most famous of the niches that can be found in the North End. Basically, west of Harrison and north of the Boise Consumer coop. The homes for sale here vary from 1000 square foot 2 bedroom 1 bath up to Victorian mansion style homes. The median size on this side of Harrison is more towards the smaller size. Also of note, the north end is famous for more than character and charm. Based on the time these homes were built the garages are more of a carriage house from days gone by. Your F350 won’t fit in most of the garages you will find here.

The Golden Triangle

 What the heck is that? The area of the north end west of Harrison Boulevard was coined “The Golden Triangle” by my fellow realtor Rob M. and it seemed so appropriate I have used it every since. Even though the area is more of a parallelogram in shape. Oh man I hated math. Anyway, the southern end of the Golden Triangle is Ellis which runs at an angle to Harrison Boulevard. That is the end of the triangle. Going north to about Irene and west to about 26th street is the largest area of homogeneously nice homes with an overall size advantage to the rest of the northend large homes. While the biggest homes are no larger than in the other parts of the northend area there is a higher percentage of large homes vs the 2 bedroom 1 baths East of Harrison Boulevard. It is the most sought after area in the north end, hence the name. If you own one here, you are golden.

South of State

On the west end from the whitewater park to the downtown core is an up and coming area that was traditionally the rattiest of the northend burgs. However with the completion of the whitewater park way and with all the new development going in there, the area has seen a lot of capital improvements in the old homes here and it is widely considered a good investment if you can get your hands on something.