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Mike And Erica

Is Mike Really A Fourth Generation Idahoan?

Mike Erica And Noah CarrMeet Mike- Yes Mike's family homesteaded in Idaho in the 1870's. One thing Idaho offers is year round outdoor recreation and Mike does not let a season go by without taking full advantage. A year in the woods of Idaho with Mike includes a little of everything from swooshing down the slopes to riding the waves. April is for whitewater rafting, or chasing a strutting gobbler on a lonely ridge. Camping on the Lochsa, an old family hang out and snagging his first 2 gallons of morels. May is for mushrooms. Mike has been known to be very vulnerable to morel fever. Mike’s summer involves more rafting or a llama packing trip to a high mountain lake, fishing and hot springs included. September is for finding lonely bull elk whining out his siren song. The remainder of the year finds Mike and the dogs chasing chukars in the deserts and mountains of southwest and central Idaho. Throw in a little cross country skiing and snowboarding in the winter and a year in Idaho feels like a lifetime. Together, Mike and Erica make wine with grapes from the Snake River Valley Ava, They even won a bronze medal in the Idaho state wine competition for an off dry Riesling some years back. They grow a garden together and even still hold hands once in a while.

Mike was born and raised in the treasure valley and knows it well.
"I graduated from Borah High School in 1982, went to the University of Idaho(87'). At the time my idea of a real job was teaching snowboarding and guided rafting in Sun Valley and Stanley. I spent several summers rafting and driving a "J" rig on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Got tired of being dead broke and found out real jobs pay the same as tuning skis. The discovery that real estate was for me would guide me for the rest of my time here." said Mike.

Mike's enthusiasm, market knowledge and attention to detail are just a few of the many advantages a client can expect to receive from Mike and Erica Carr. Most importantly, he has learned that it is his focus on the concerns and needs of his clients that is of utmost importance in establishing a successful relationship with home buyers and sellers.

Is Erica Really As Nice As Mike Says? 

TogetherMeet Erica. Erica moved to Boise as a 2 year old, bright eye, blonde haired, blue eyed cutie, straight from Fairfield California. While not born here it is where she is from. Her moms parents lived in Weiser and raised her mom there. Erica is a Boise High graduate (class of 85') also attended East Jr. High and Roosevelt elementary, then completed her education at the Evergreen State College (Washington) in 1993. She spent 12 years in Washington and Oregon before moving back to Boise and got married to Mike in 1996. Erica’s mom is an artist and lover of all things fine and this rubbed off on Erica as well. Erica loves modern art, painting in oil, yoga, cross country skate skiing, mountain biking, walking and spending time with friends and family. Anytime spent in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountain region where she and Mike were married makes her heart miss a beat. Preforming arts are Erica’s thing too. From the outdoor concerts at Outlaw Field to some goofy unheard of or oldie acts at VAC (Visual Arts Collective) in Garden City, you should look for her at the next show you attend. Erica also enjoys visiting her mom and brothers in Portland and Seattle and family time at the coast! Erica’s father was a local doctor with a twinkle in his eye and a love of the outdoors. Erica inherited both. His passions were trail riding on motorcycles and camping in the summers and skiing in the winters. The family trips to the “cabin” in McCall are some of Erica’s fondest memories. Being the only girl, Erica had to be tough to keep up with her 3 brothers. 
Erica is a generous and positive person who strives to put the best interests of her friends and clients out in front. She has an in depth knowledge of Boise and surrounding areas.

From History To Housing Arrive A Transplant, Leave A Local!