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Looking for Over 55 communities in Boise? My favorite 55+ community or senior living area in the greater Boise area is either James Place in Meridian, in Boise Englefield Green, And right on the border of Boise and Meridian is Meadow Lake Village boasting its own pitch and putt golf course. That said if you are looking for a top place to retire., Boise lands on almost all the lists for great places to retire. Boise is ranked as a Top retirement city not only in the region, but in the entire United States. Who you say, Forbes has ranked Boise as a great place to retire. According to Forbes, retiring to Boise is a great decision. Money said it too “Retire To Boise”. Even the Huffington Post thinks it is a great place for senior living. ”If you are planning a retirement and love the outdoors, Boise could be the place for you”. And we agree. A few of the highlights that make Boise a great place to spend your retirement years is the multitude of affordable housing, the great outdoors, the arts, world class medical care, the friendly people and the fact that it is as safe as Andy’s Mayberry.

Let’s start with the affordable housing in both over 55 developments and all age tracts alike. Recently the greater Boise metro area has seen a jump in senior living communities that are exclusively for adults over 55. That said there are also a senior community or two where only 1 resident has to be over 55 and no kids allowed. There are many concepts from all the maintenance provided to just the yard and even situations where the home owner is responsible for all aspects of the home from the curb to the alley, fence to fence and top to bottom. Englefield Green, Willowbrook, Meadow Lake village are three that come to mind. Many other options exist in communities that are not exclusive to over 55 or 55+ residents, but are geared towards low maintenance living for those who would rather be playing golf, climbing a mountain trail, or sitting by the lake in McCall. A couple that come to mind are Hazelwood Village, Hazelwood, Lamirada or La Mirada, not sure which. While these will have kids, they typically have smaller lots and higher quality finish’s. So most families opt for a home built by one of the builders who do bigger yards, lower quality and try and deliver square footage rather than quality. Basically these types of developments have a lot less kids than your normal Boise subdivision. Other Housing for senior communities in Boise, would be waterfront living along the Boise river or ponds near the river. There are a multitude of homes on Boise golf courses. In Meridian James Place is one over 55 community that has homes on the golf course.  The downtown core in Boise has some exceptional urban living for seniors, with high walking scores and  vibrant cultural options from arts like ballet Idaho and the philharmonic, to Saturday markets and college football at Bsu. Of course there is just plain old all ages residences from the midcentury modern appeal of the Bench to the gorgeous sunset views that living in the foothills affords. In a nutshell, whatever your preference, if you want to stay as far from kids and the noise they create or just want a piece of Boise’s heavenly lifestyle to call your own it is affordable and available. Get you search started now, you can search by lot size, main level master, single levels, on the golf course. Over 55 communities and more. We would love to help you find the retirement situation you desire and strive to provide exceptional service before, during and after your purchase. We are only a phone call or email away and our 24/7 Instant Access Agent is standing by to take your call to answer a question or hop in the car to come show you your new home right now.

Now that I have covered Over 55 senior communities, Let me go into a little of why someone would want to move to Boise to spend their golden years. An advertisement form McU’s sports in the 1970’s went come see McU’s it’s the sporting thing to do… and went on to tell you all of the sports they could help you with, encouraging you to take a 10 speed ride or ski down a mountain side. It seems laughable now, but what is not laughable is the fact that if anything the outdoor opportunities in Boise are better today than they were 40 years ago. We still have Bogus Basin, but now there are high speed quads that whisk the Senior skiers to the top at a faster rate than they probably would like. A group called the Prime Timers meet on Wednesdays and split up by ability levels to enjoy the mountain and each other’s company. In addition there is an exceptional cross country skiing facility for those wanting to keep the ticker in tune. From golf, to rock climbing and whitewater rafting there is a sport or sports for everyone. The tennis enthusiast will find the new Eagle tennis club a blast, it is huge. I did not know we had that many tennis players in the valley. Both Crane Creek and Hillcrest country clubs have tennis and the largest club for tennis is the Boise Racket and Swim club. Bike riders have a world class cruiser in the greenbelt to world class hill climbs in the foothills. Again something for everyone! For outdoors I could go on for days and not cover my tracks, camping, hot springs, hunting fishing and more. The South Fork of the Boise and the Owyhee river in Oregon have world class fly fishing. Bass and sturgeon lurk in the snake river and the ponds around Boise are loaded with Blue gill and crappie. For the senior outdoor recreationist Boise has it and more.

 The arts from fine to funny encompass the rainbow. BAM, aka the Boise Art Museum to the Shakespeare festival which runs outdoors all summer long, to the concert series at Outlaw Field near the old Idaho Penitentiary are fun for all. This year’s lineup includes Paul Simon, Tears For Fear, Tony Bennett, Steve Miller and Bonnie Raitt, while past years have had everybody From Fun, The Indigo Girls to Willie and to many other country concerts to remember!

The medical care is top notch, from hearts to hips, every specialist is hear. Gone are the days of the trip to one of our 3 bigger neighbors for superior medical care. In fact for almost everything I think because of the friendly and caring people here in Boise you will get more attention and attentiveness from your nurse and doctor here then you probably will in Seattle or Portland.

Speaking of the friendly people in Boise, it is without compare. The best way I can explain it is like this. No one has ever stolen my wallet, or broken into my house, or car jacked my friend as he came out of a restaurant. No one has tried to wash my window at a red light or hit me up for a few bucks as I exited the grocery store. It is just not accepted here. It is the same for everyone here, it is safe like Andy’s Mayberry and the people act that way. While people in more crime ridden locals look at every stranger as a possible threat, I think most people in Boise do not have their guard up and look at every stranger as a possible friend. People still stop to help push your broken down car to the side of the road, or change your tire. No worries that it is a set up. Norman Rockwell never painted that picture because that was not the America that he lived in. The people in Boise don’t live that picture, because it is not the Idaho we live in. All I can say is what are you waiting for come on in the waters fine! I look forward to making your acquaintance soon enough. Maybe we will be friends too. Our Instant Access 24/7 agent is standing by to be your friend and your realtor as well! Welcome to Idaho, Welcome Home!

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