Boise Youth Team Sports

Individual And Recreational Sports Too.

Holy Guacamole, youth sports are alive and well in Boise Idaho and all of the towns across the Treasure Valley! The Boise Optimist Club has sponsored a little league program for boys football since 1949 and more recently has added in flag football and cheerleading so no one is left out. The fall “Jamboree” which is held each fall on the blue turf at BSU has been a right of passage and highly anticipated by the boys for as long as anyone can remember.

Competitive Soccer Boise

In Meridian Idaho, the Meridian Police host soccer, flag football and baseball. Their league is called P.A.L. for Police Activities League. This and other leagues across the valley offer community based sports programs that work to develop strong minds and good sports. Strong bodies result as well as good citizens.

Try out for Boise Slam Basketball Club or one of the numerous soccer and baseball clubs. Individual sports more your thing? The Boise Family YMCA hosts a summer track and field program. One of the coaches has helped kids develop into distance runners that have landed at many major colleges including Oregon and Tennessee. That is as good as it gets. Have you heard of Kristen Armstrong? Boise is no slouch in the world of cycling either. The B.Y.R.D.S. Cycling team (Boise Young Rider Development Squad) trains youths in the finer points of road biking. Never fear, the Bogus Basin Nordic team is here, sliding their way into a healthy heart. Speaking of Bogus Basin, what a resource for young and old alike! The Bogus Basin organization sponsors programs called Mountain Mites and Mogul Mouse to get our 3 to 11 year old future Olympians and ski patrollers on their way. Follow that up with the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation which runs programs for no less than 12 different winter mountain activities from old school ski racing with the Mighty Mites, and competitive teams for young adults up to 19 years old. Include the Free ski and the snowboard teams and there is a fit for just about any rambunctious young one.

The school team sports are all there, followed up and backed up by all the club and team sports options around the valley. Find below a list of many of the largest and most popular sports options in the valley.

Is High School Football, Basketball And Baseball Competitive?

High School Sports 

You Bet..High School Sports are big in the Treasure Valley. The high schools are grouped based on size and past success and play a district line up before heading to state. All of our public high school sports teams travel and compete in state championships at the end of their seasons. There are usually small fees to participate. The amount varies based on the sport and the school district I think the going rate to watch the kids play is around $4 dollars, but may be more for football. You can follow what's happening now with high school sports in Idaho, on our local news source KTVB. A partial list of high school sports is as follows the big sports and wrestling, golf, tennis, track, cross country and more that I am sure to be leaving out.

Teams Clubs & Facilities

Organizations that offer sports in multiple sports are The Meridian Pal, Boise Optimist, i9 Sports.

What Are The Options For Youth Football?


O[tomist Football BoiseOptimist - Optimist Youth Football has been around in Boise, for nearly 70 years... since 1949! The Optimist club prides themselves on their unique approach to youth sports. Essentially they are all about building teams that work together and utilize everybody's skills. They organize teams by weight, age and neighborhood and also offer a financial aid program for "needs based" players, so whoever wants to play, can play!  There are no varsity, or JV divisions and each player on the team is required to play a certain number of plays each game, forcing team unity and also encouraging growth. Once the kids enter a tackle team they remain with the same tackle team and coach for the next four years. This way, the team can set long term goals as well as individual ones too. Their mission is to encourage young athletes to enjoy playing the game of football all the while of maintaining good grades in school, emphasizing the importance of balancing studies and sports. 

PAL - PAL stands for Police Activities League and is sponsored by the Meridian Police Department. They are a non-profit organization that offers flag football, baseball and soccer. Their mission is for kids in Meridian, ID and the surrounding communities to have fun while learning life long skills such as team work, great sportsmanship and how important it is to be active and healthy! All their coaches are volunteer based as well as certified through the Positive Coaching Alliance or PCA. Their emphasis for coaches is to teach players the benefits of being involved in team sports and the life long lessons to carry them through their youth and beyond as well.

NXT Level Football - NXT Level Football League was started in 2015 and inspired by top youth football leagues in the nation. This program is a little more competitive than others mentioned. Their league accepts a maximum of 250 players ages 9-12. All their coaches are certified and will teach young athletes how to play football on a middle school field while learning the same rules as high school football. Their seasons always end with playoff games which lead to a championship game. 

  YMCA - The Idaho YMCA offers a football camp for ages 7-11 and a rookies football league for ages 3-6. The football camp is for athletes of all experience levels. The camps are held in summer one being in Boise and the other being in Meridian. They are taught how to play football through various drills and playing time. Like Optimist Youth Sports there are financial assistance options so all who want to play can. YMCA members receive discount pricing as well. The Rookies football league is a great introduction to football for the little tikes! They will be taught values such as honesty and respect. This program begins in summer as well and is every Saturday from August-September. It is flag football and teams are made randomly with buddy requests accepted upon registration.

We Love March Madness, Basketball Anyone?

AAU -  There are boys and girls AAU teams offered through the YMCA. Their grade range goes from 5th-7th grade.They teach kids great sportsmanship and other character values to provide a safe and fun playing experience. AAU teams compete in tournaments and championships with an end of the season All-Star event and celebration. Players who are interested in the program must register before trying out. 

Boise Slam Basketball Club - Boise Slam Basketball was founded in 2010. The club does their best to assist all eager players no matter their ability, age or gender. From there they will choose the teams. They club has Green & Black teams. Green being their traveling team, and black is their developmental team where they can play games and further their skills to work towards being on that green team. They offer resources and programs for all players to improve and advanced their personal goals as young athletes. 

Idaho Elite Basketball Club “Character, Commitment, and Teamwork” embody Idaho Elite Basketball. They compete locally, regionally, and in higher level tournaments. Boys and girls can join as young as 3rd grade. Free to tryout and costs will depend on the season and age of the player. The club also has various camps players can participate in beginning at age 5. Their focus is to ensure their players are respectful and understand the significance of being self-motivated. They are expected to work hard and be exemplary athletes.  

Hoop Dreams Basketball -  Hoop Dreams Basketball started in 2002 and has become Idaho’s largest youth basketball club. Like the other basketball clubs their teams are broken up into a traveling team and a development team. The development team will still compete in local tournaments while the “Premier” team will dedicate themselves to a longer season and are considered to be a few of the best in their grade. The club also has a “lil dreamers” camp for the kiddos ages K-4th grade. A perfect introduction to the sport of basketball.

HSB Academy HSB Academy is Idaho’s first year round basketball academy. This organization is more geared towards training rather than being part of a team and playing tournaments. They offer courses by age group and are co-ed.  They also offer private lessons if your player needs an extra boost in any area of playing. Their resources are available from 1st grade clear up to 12th grade. They do have game sessions that are invite only that could be beneficial to players looking for a little more playing time and to meet some more kids. There are 4 locations that HSB Academy trains at making it super convenient no matter where you live, 1 in Boise, ID 1 in Eagle, ID 1 in Meridian, ID and 1 in South Meridian.


Soccer is alive, well and growing in Boise. The Simplot soccer facility in east Boise has over 20 fields and has strongly contributed to the growth of soccer in the Treasure Valley. The largest soccer association and main organizer state wide is IYSA

Iysa Soccer Boise

The Idaho Youth Soccer Association has since 1979 been the state lead in all things competitive soccer, administration, promotion. A non profit with leagues for fun or for the win, the Idaho State Soccer Association is based  in Boise and host’s in excess of 24,000 games a year. IYSA  has a mission to foster development and educational options for everyone. While at the same time promoting the great game of soccer to the greater public as a whole. Some of the top programs offered are ODP or the Olympic Development Program, Top Tournaments including Idaho State Cup. Educating coaches is a top priority. With national ties and local bias, the source for all things Idaho Soccer.

What Are The Strongest Soccer Clubs In Boise For Girls And Boys?

Nova - Formed in 2010 when a couple of perennial power house Boise soccer clubs joined forces, FC Nova is the strongest club in the valley on the girls side. The marriage of Les Bois SA and Boise Capital SC  has created a unique experience for soccer players in Boise today. With their own dedicated practice facility located on Lake Hazel Road, This club is positioned to perform well into this century and beyond. Striving to offer only the best quality programs for all  involved, FC Nova try’s to deliver and teach dedication and perseverance in both its staff and the players. Individual development in a team setting are of paramount importance to the club. Hallmarks of FC Nova Kids is self-respect, self-confidence, education in fitness and nutrition and academic accountability.

Boise Nationals Timbers- Originally formed in the 1980’s as a boys only club, Boise Nationals is often referred to as BNSC is still the strongest club option for competitive boys play. Always a strong contender at state with loads of state titles over their 30 years. The “Nationals” joined forces with a small girls club in the early 2000’s and now offer a strong girls program as well. Recently and in an attempt to position themselves as a soccer leader the BNSC joined forces with MLS Soccer club The Portland Timbers as an alliance member and became Boise Nationals Timbers or BNT. With no dedicated practice facility, BNT utilizes parks, churches and other open space so the unknown of where is always an issue here.

Pal Soccer MeridianIdaho Rush- "If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Don't Say Anything At All"  - Thumper. After 9 years this is all I have to say. No the missing link is not an accident.

Meridian Pal- The Meridian Police Activities League has a recreational program that is stellar for those kids who are in it for the fun and are without Olympic and professional aspirations. Also known as PAL they have opportunities in Boise, Meridian, Eagle Star & Kuna. Handing out help to kids from 3 to 18, games and practices are different for each age and area, so check there website. A lot of the activity, both practices and games in Boise and Meridian takes play at Heroes Park in Meridian. 


Can Our Son To Go To The Little Leauge Baseball World Series?

Little league baseball in Boise, much like youth soccer, is strong and thriving. The Idaho District 2 Little League is the administrator for little league in The Boise Metro Area and Southern Idaho. Including Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Nampa and Middleton. Programs for boys and girls, t-ball, baseball and softball. Most leagues accept players for the spring season through February. Play starts in April. For boys Age 10 and down date as off 8/31/16 determines age group. 11 and up 4/30/16. Softball is age on 12/31/15. To the best of our ability here is a run down. T-Ball which is designed for players ages 5 & 6. Next would be the Rookie Division which is aimed for kids ages 8-9 who have not been drafted into the AA or AAA minors. 9 year olds are eligible to take a player assessment to place them in the more competitive divisions. After completion of assessment there are two minor leagues one for ages 9-10, the next 9-11 years of age to the major division of 10-12 year olds. Also offered is a transition division where 11-13 year olds will learn to play on a 50/70 field dimension. The leagues also offer softball for girls with mostly the same system.  Find league listings including boundary maps for your neighborhood HERE.

North Boise Little League | West Boise Little League | South Boise Little League

Northwest Ada Little League | Southwest Boise Little League 

Meridian Youth Baseball | West Valley Little League in Eagle, Idaho 


Is Lacrosse The Fastest Growing Youth Sport In Boise?

Kids Lacroose BoiseLacrosse is steadily growing bigger and bigger in Boise, so yes. Just like the sport itself becoming more popular each year. Most high schools offer the sport too but listed below are league teams as well as the more competitive traveling teams that we have in the Treasure Valley. We even have a lacrosse shop in Boise where you can find all your gear and LAX needs!

ILA - your number one source to all things lacrosse in Idaho. The Idaho Lacrosse Association is a regional chapter of US Lacrosse. Their mission is to promote the sport of lacrosse and educate others on the sport while providing resources to all through out the Treasure Valley. They are continuously encouraging a positive playing environment for athletes and are here to ensure safety comes first. They are always working towards ways to welcome the growth of Lacrosse in Idaho and act as a bridge for resources across the Valley. 

Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League - Founded in 2006 Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League (TVYLL for short because boy, is that a mouth full!) was created to provide knowledge and resources to young athletes up to 8th grade. Grades beyond that will play on the high school leagues. Their goal is to prepare the youth players every way they can in hopes they will excel in the high school leagues. They offer spring, summer and fall lacrosse programs. They are assigned teams like most leagues, geographically and by age. 

Idaho Outlaw Lacrosse - 1/3 traveling lacrosse teams in Boise. Idaho Outlaw Lacrosse differs from the league teams due to their competitiveness. They have longer seasons plus various camps and clinics to prepare them for travel competitions. The organization encompasses a teaching philosophy of respect, sportsmanship and emphasizes the significance of parents being involved, supportive and positive. The team is coached by experienced lacrosse players that will get their teams to that high level of games. 

Boise River Lacrosse - 2/3 traveling teams, this organization was created for the more competitive young lacrosse players in the area. They provide additional instruction and coach them to be the best of the best competing in regional and even national tournaments. These traveling teams are definitely meant for the kids who want to pursue lacrosse long term and seriously. The programs mission is to educate their players and take their passion for lacrosse and turn it into teams who work together and love the sport they play. Teaching them the importance of other life skills like sportsmanship and the importance of being motivated. With the help of volunteer and paid coaches who share the same passions they hope to develop an environment where life long friendships can be created and lacrosse can blossom in Idaho. 

Lacrosse BoiseTrue Lacrosse Idaho True Lacrosse Idaho is part of the organization True Lacrosse that began in 2008. Created by two professional lacrosse players in Illinois they wanted to give players the coaching they would need to become lacrosse elite. Our Idaho division offers youth and high school traveling teams. They compete against some of the greatest in the country and the organization has been known to help their high school players through the college recruitment process giving them the opportunity to compete in a fall recruitment tournament and 3 summer ones. Since this team is part of a larger organization they are able to hire coaches with excellent coaching and lacrosse experience. They also have a full time administrative staff. 

West Ada Lacrosse League - In 2016 The West Ada Lacrosse League adopted the US Lacrosse Athletic Development Model AKA LADM which basically means they thrive to create an environment where young lacrosse athletes work to reach their full potential. Through giving young players the ultimate playing experience, and creating a fun environment it fosters the idea that players are more willing to learn and improve when they are having fun. They pride themselves on always putting their players first and hope to provide more than just the game of lacrosse but to also teach kids to be the best they can be and be proud of their community while helping others. 


Is Competitive Biking Strong In Boise?

Byrds Cycling BoiseCan You Say Kristen Armstrong?   BYRDSAt 20 years of age,  B.Y.R.D.S. Cycling (Boise Young Rider Development Squad) has led rides almost every day, and puts on clinics and camps throughout the year to develop riding skills for pedalists as young as 6. While road biking started it all started, Mountain biking and cyclocross are a strong part of the program as well. This nonprofit tries to keep current cyclists engaged and climbing while trying to get new kids involved all the time. Their ever popular after school programs like BYRDS Recreational, Falcon and Eagles combined with the fact that “no one ever sits on the bench” motto has helped to earn them awards including the “Center of Excellence” from USA Cycling. From all for fun to Olympian there is something here for all levels. There is no beginning and no end, join anytime.


Can Our Kids Go To The Olympics In gymnastics If We Move To Boise?

Gem State - Gem State has been part of the Treasure Valley since 1976. They provide an array of gymnastic and dance services for children, teens and even adults too! The 22,000 sq. ft facility of awesome is owned and operated by educators who strive to provide a space where learning is active and fun. Pre-school aged classes keep boys and girls together and then groups 5 and up are separated. Aside from classes they also offer a daycare that operates Monday-Friday 7a.m to 6p.m. Competitive gymnastics are invite only but I’m sure you could ask for more information on their site. Gem State Gymnastics Academy’s primary goal is allowing kids to develop faith in themselves by allowing them to learn motor skills, coordination and balance all in an exciting way.

Danik - Danik Gymnastics in Meridian, Idaho like Gem State also offers non-competitive and competitive gymnastic programs as well. After kiddos have participated in the developmental gymnastic classes they can move up to the more advanced and competitive classes. For competitive, they offer a girls and boys junior team, and a USA Gymnastics XCEL program.

The girls’ and boys’ junior teams were made for kids who really want that competitive edge. They compete in various state, regional and national events. Their mission for these teams is to prepare them for that advanced level of gymnastics. There are a number of experienced coaches coaching these teams who themselves are USAG certified gymnastics judges.

The XCEL program is for the girls who want to be part of that competitiveness that gymnastics has to offer but their main focus is to just have fun and make friends. Occasionally the XCEL team will compete out of state but mostly just locally.  

Mountain West - Mountain West like the other two, offer classes along with training for competitive gymnast sports. They heavily emphasize the importance of young gymnasts taking care of their body and remaining healthy. They encourage their athletes to keep the communication strong by regularly doing evaluations Their tagline is “Where Champions Train.” You can call and schedule a free evaluation and try-out. 


What Was The Name Of The Biathelete Who Trained At Bogus Basin?

Bogus Basin Nordic TeamThe Bogus Basin Nordic Team is a local non-profit Nordic skiing team with racing and recreational programs for kids in the third to the twelfth grades. Striving to deliver and instill attributes that will stay with the kids their entire life, bbnt pushes good stewardship, confidence, responsibility to one’s self and others including the values of living a healthy lifestyle. Opportunities exist for skiers of all levels and competitive desires from have fun to gold medal. Offering a holistic approach to life and the team, They are one team and the expectation is the nationally competitive high school kids mentor, help train and ski with the grad schoolers with bright eyes and bushy tails! Here is a link to a blog that I felt was telling. To find out her name visit the nordic lodge!

Bogus Basin Ski Racing

Is The Road To Bogus Basin As Winding As I Heard It Is?

Bogus Basin Nordic TeamBogus Basin Ski And Snowboard TeamThe Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation has seen many changes since 1967. With the recent addition of Free skiing, snowboarding and mountainbiking it has even seen a name change. Formerly a hard core downhill racing only club called the Bogus Basin Ski Racing Alliance has spread their wings to become an all inclusive bunch. For youth ages 6 to 19 who want to have fun and compete in alpine ski racing, freeskiing & snowboarding. There is also a masters program for adults. Confidence and character, accountability, hard work ethic and leadership skills gained through. Working to build Olympians and community leaders that we can all be proud of.


YMCA Summer Track & FieldThe Local Y is a community foundation in our area. With facilities in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell, they are the go to for day to day fitness needs and more. Including track and field. They host a summer track and field program that will keep your youngster on the run. Since the 1980’s Boise has been a bit of a hotbed for track. Many of these kids that have gone on to major colleges and universities. Tennessee and Oregon to name a couple. A good number of these kids where mentor by Tim Severa who has been a fixture in the track and field scene in Boise since the 1980’s. If you have a budding track star and want to cut right to the chase and figure out who, where and when will be best for your child’s needs pick up the phone and call Tim.
For more information, please contact:
Tim Severa – 208 344 5502 ext 270

Meridian Fleet FeetLocal company trying to promote running in our young kids.

Idaho Dash Track ClubFormed in 2013, I do not know how good this club is. But above and beyond that I can not really recommend them. If you happen to know a local track expert from the Y ask him!

Youth hockey - Idaho Ice World, our skating rink in Boise, offers youth hockey for ages 6+ including junior high and high school age leagues. Girls teams are offered as well. If you don't know Boise does have a minor league hockey team called the Idaho Steelheads, Boise also has Jr Steelheads. The Boise Youth Amateur Hockey Association is a traveling youth hockey team and they are our Jr Steelheads. There are 5 levels divided by age group. There are girl divisions and boy divisions and much like the other youth sports teams mentioned, the emphasis on learning more than just how to play hockey is big here. The goal is to teach youth the important skills that come with athleticism and life as well. From team work to responsibility. 

Adult Leagues - There are many many many resources when it comes to adult leagues in the Treasure Valley. Any sport you can think of or possibly never even heard of like, cornhole....there's a league for it! Gameday Sports features sports like cornhole, kickball, bowling, flag football and volleyball on their site with registration information and upcoming events. Idaho Ice World offers adult hockey. Boise and Meridian baseball leagues. There's Indoor Soccer that is year round with teams always looking for new players. How about some Basketball, Volleyball, or Softball? Boise is big on community so whatever sport draws to you odds are there's a league for it already or you can start one yourself even. Lots of opportunity and a great way to meet people! 


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