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Boise Homes For SaleBoise Homes For Sale

All Types, Sizes & Prices Boise Homes For Sale!

Homes For Sale In Boise Mls!

Boise Homes For SaleBoise Homes For Sale- 
Every type of Boise Home For Sale Is Here. Including Boise Homes for sale in
the northend, Victorian bungalows for sale in northeast Boise, small acreage homes for sale in southwest Boise, mid century modern homes for sale on the Boise bench, ranch style homes for sale in southeast Boise near Micron, condos for sale in west Boise, homes for sale on the river in northwest Boise and foothills homes for sale in Boise too. Find one you like here or use the links to navigate if you know exactly what you want..


Boise The Beautiful

Boise Residents enjoy a vibrant downtown core surrounded by wide open spaces. Boise is an excellent mix of small town charm and big city convenience. It is a gateway to a low stress, fun filled lifestyle! Buyers will find an abundance of new homes filled with glitz and glitter in quiet family neighborhoods as well as stately older homes with craftsman finish's, on shady tree lined streets. Whether you're looking for your first home, or a luxury estate, you will find what you are looking for here at

Boise real estate is varied with older homes closer to downtown and newer to brand new as you go west. New construction is hopping in the Southwest Boise. The price per square foot is more in older homes close to downtown as there is a limited number of old homes available. Basically if you want to ride your bike to Alive after 5 in the summer you will pay more for smaller kitchens, closets, baths and garages. If you are willing to drive a little you can have the 3 car garage and walk in closet and keep a little change jingling in your pocket! In recent years downtown living has grown to include lofts and condos in the downtown core!

Located on the Boise River, the city anchors the Boise-Meridian-Nampa-Caldwell metro area. The City of Boise's name originated from the French “Les Bois” for the trees. It is sourced to a French speaking US army guide who Beautiful Boise Homes For Salewas overcome with emotion upon seeing the tree lined river. After a long hot trek through the desert east of town, he reached a spot on the Oregon trail overlooking the Valley and exclaimed “Les Bois, Les Bois”…The woods or the trees. It stuck and the moniker “The City of Trees” is still with us today! Boise and Idaho are famous for more than potatoes. It is Mayberry on steroids! It is blessed with friendly people, a safe atmosphere, an excellent quality of life, which includes tremendous recreation, great schools, weather, superior medical care, and abundant affordable homes for sale. Boise is the county seat of Ada County. The population was 205,672 as of the 2010 census.

Since Idaho is wine country it allows owners of Boise real estate a quick and easy tour of all the in town wineries. The best in Boise is Cinder and other top producers include Coiled, Snake River Winery and Telaya Wine Co. to name a few. The Snake River AVA also includes over 60 wineries and vineyards including Koenig, Ste. Chappelle, Indian Creek and Hells Canyon again just to name a few. If you are looking for great wine shops. The New Vintage Wine Shop, Erikson's Fine Wines in Eagle and The Boise Coop are all on Eagle road. They all have an excellent selection of Idaho wines and knowledgeable sales people.

 Boise Idaho-Downtown and the Surrounding Areas!

Boise in The fall Is SplendidThe Boise MLS areas are divided along roughly the following divisions of the commonly held areas of town. When preparing to buy Boise homes for sale you need to know that each Boise MLS area is assigned a number. At some point you will want to figure those out, so I will include them here. We like to try and educate the buyers that put their trust in us. We hope you will have enough information to make a wise decision with regards to your Boise real estate purchase. 

Downtown Boise 

Jump At Night See Real Estate From The SlideDowntown Boise is Boise’s cultural center and home to many small businesses, eateries and shops, the Idaho State Capitol and central government offices. As well as many bank owned mid-rise office buildings. While the skyline does not rival our 2 large neighbors to the west it has improved lately with the completion of the new Zion’s bank building. The vibrant and safe downtown core runs from the Boise river on the south to State street on the north and generally between 4th street on the east to 14th street on the west. One highlight is the new business incubator JUMP or Jacks Urban Meeting Place. Do not miss the slide!

Julia Davis Park And Boise State University

Contained with in this area you will find Julia Davis Park which is nestled along the north banks of the Boise River, it contains the Boise Art Museum(BAM), the Zoo, the Idaho State Historical Museum and Black History Museum as Bsu Footbalwell as host "Art in the Park" annually. The Boise Public Library and the Log Cabin literary Center and the Anne Frank Memorial are just across the street. South of the river from Julia Davis Park is the campus of Boise State University. In addition to all of the usual university accoutrement such as the Bronco's Albertsons stadium with the blue turf you will find the Velma Morrison Preforming Arts Center. It is a spacious opera house style theatre that has great acoustics and is the typical venue for traveling musicals such as Wicked and Les Mis’ as well as the likes of Seinfeld, Ron White and other acts looking for a solid venue rather than large seating capacity. It has also been rumored that the state record brown trout was caught under the foot bridge from campus to Julia Davis park!

BoDo, Jump And The Linen District 

Just North of the Library you will find Bodo-Boise Downtown: A $60 million project to rebuild and redefine the 8th Jump Jacks Urban Meeting Place Is real EstateStreet Marketplace in Boise was finished in November of 2005.  Here you will find Edwards theatre complex. The Snake River Wineries tasting room and Reel Foods which is a retail fish shop and definitely the freshest fish in town. As well as restaurants, eateries and shops too numerous to mention serving everything from raw fish to prime rib and selling everything from Harley-Davidson shirts to Anne Taylor.  The Flicks with independent films and Trader Joes are across the street.  JUMP or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place is the newest development in downtown. It is just west of BoDo and is still under construction. When completed in 2016 it will feature an interactive creative center and community gathering place that will be open to the public. JUMP will include a large park and outdoor amphitheater. It is designed to provide assistance and promote those wanting to “jump” their idea or business to the next level. The Linen district, just west and north was formerly a low rent area that has been revitalized and has shops stores, eateries, Hotel Modern and the Linen Building. 

The Grove, The Basque Block and Old Boise 

In between Bodo and the Basque Block you will find a convention center. The Grove Hotel which houses our semi pro hockey team, concerts and other events. The courtyard to the north of the building (Red Square) is the site of the favorite Wednesday night activity in downtown "Alive after Five". Local bands perform each Wednesday night all summer. Here you will find everything from Basque Block Boise neighborhoodsskateboarders with blue hair and a nose ring to Attorney’s in 3 piece suits to families with kids running through the fountain. 

The best breakfast in town can be had on the east side of the courtyard and across Capitol Blvd. in the Basque Block which is really 2 half’s of 2 different blocks! The eatery in question is Goldie’s, be prepared to leave your name and number and they will text you when your table is ready. What they lack is seating…. the food more than makes up for it. The salmon benny rocks! The Basque community that has settled here in Boise over the last 100 years is a thriving, smart, fun loving bunch whom have integrated seamlessly into the fabric of society in the treasure valley. At the same time holding on to their unique interesting and lively customs and culture. A part of their cultural fabric is the Basque Block in downtown. It is adjacent and contiguous to “Old Boise”. Contained here you will find Bar Gernika, our sister city in Spain. As well a Basque museum, store and restaurant with cooking classes and fine Spanish wine. There is a The Grove Boise Alive After 5sports court for an old world game played with wicker baskets and finally the Basque center which is a small corner bar connected to an open auditorium with stage. It is the facility that the Basque dance group, the Onikari Dancers use for practices. Culturally they hold summer picnics and in the winter sheepherder’s ball’s. I can testify that great fun was and is had by all! Also found here, though not associated with the Basque’s is Bardeney a local distillery and restaurant that led the way for all the boutique distilleries in the west. At one time they were the only distillery west of the Mississippi 

Around the corner and really a part of the same block is “Old Boise”. It is anchored by the Pioneer Tent and Awning building, the original supply and jumping off point to the Idaho gold fields in the 1860’s. Today it is filled with shops, bars and restaurants. If you are a true night owl and are looking for revelry, song and dance you will find it here. Old Boise also contains The Boise City hall and the Egyptian Theatre, with a King Tut inspired theme, this art deco classic was recently redone. It is a unique venue which hosts our local nutcracker production, Warren Miller type ski films and sometimes fun funky concerts with bands like They Might Be Giants! 

The 8th Street Corridor 

This pedestrian zoned area is the home to my favorite sushi roll at Shige’s, the best Greek restaurant in Cazba, and there are multiple other eateries and brewpubs to choose from. The oldest and largest Saturday market in Boise Farmers Saturday MarketBoise is run here as well. You can procure fresh produce, baked goods, and all sorts of food items. Local artists display their wares. There is also some politics involved as there is also a new Saturday market that has been formed by the founders of the original Saturday market. Its located in the Owyhee Hotel parking lot in the Linen District. So we have two!

The Downtown Boise scene is surprisingly vibrant, safe and accessible. All of the above is contained in an area in which a 10 minute walk will take you from one end to the other! In addition to all I have already mentioned , other downtown events include First Thursday, and the Idaho Potato Drop, the Twilight Criterion, the Beau Arts wine festival, Art in the Park and more! 

Real estate in Boise’s Downtown core is limited to a few apartment style lofts and condo’s and a few luxury hi rise style townhouse penthouse units. 

Neighborhoods, communities, the burbs, near and far! 

The North End Boise MLS Area 100 

The North End, is the area adjacent to and north and a northeast of downtown. The Boise MLS has assigned the area a number which is area 100. It’s boundaries are roughly Saint Luke’s on the east, the Boise river on the south, and 36th street to the west. It incorporates the homes that stretch up into the foothills as well. It is personal preference if you want to call the newer foothills homes the “North End”. You are technically and real estate wise correct. But in most people’s minds eye they see the old homes on the tree lined streets when they think of the North End. The North End known for its tree-lined drives such as Harrison Boulevard, and for its quiet neighborhoods near the downtown area includes Camels Back Park and Hyde Park which is home to restaurants Boise Coop North endand shopping. The North End also hosts events such as the annual Hyde Park Street Fair. Don’t Miss the Boise Consumer Co-op on 6th street. It boasts a rock solid selection of wine, chocolate and a killer deli case. It was our Wholefoods before we had a Wholefoods. In 2008, the American Planning Association (APA) designated Boise’s North End one of 10 Great Neighborhoods. The real estate in the North end of Boise is famous for being cute and expensive for our market. Characterized by small closets, bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as nonexistent garage’s. The living areas and yards are also small as compared to Boise real estate in other parts of town. The benefits of living in the North End are the homes are cute and cozy and when they have been maintained have a warm inviting feel you just do not get in a newer home! It is also bike riding distance to downtown, the green belt, and is surrounded by the ridge to rivers trail system. If you are a skier Harrison Boulevard turns into Bogus Basin road, so you can’t live any closer to the lifts or the cross country trails. 

North West Boise- Boise MLS Area 800 

North West Boise lies north of the Boise River and west of 36th street and the North End, hence the name. It contains a mix of old and new neighborhoods. North West Boise has some pockets of older homes in close to 36th street with a similar aesthetic to the North End. The homes get newer as you go west towards old Horseshoe Bend road which is nearly in Eagle. The North West Boise area is a dichotomy, near 36th street downtown is minutes Northwest Boise Greenbelt Boiseaway, as is Veteran’s Memorial Park and Willow Lane athletic complex. Each provide easy access to the Boise Greenbelt. However once you travel to the western end of Boise MLS area 800, North West Boise lives much more like Eagle, just like the properties around 36th street live much like the North End. Maybe North West Boise is a Tri-chotomy (I think I just made up a new word) as Dry Creek Valley lies to the north in the foothills and it is also a part of North West Boise. The Dry Creek Valley area is anchored by The Hidden Springs Subdivision. The whole area is tucked away in a valley out of site and out of mind. It has been my experience that people either fall for the area and are going to live there no matter what, or it feels to far out and they are not interested. It is an area with homes for sale starting in the $300,000’s and going up to over one million for some on the 10 acre parcels. It is surrounded by the ridge to rivers trail system so is perfect for hard core runners, walkers and the mountain biker in you. There is a back road out to Highway 55 for those who travel north to the mountains or have a cabin in McCall and relish the quick getaway! There is a grade school on site, but junior high and high school students travel over the hill to Hillside Junior High and Boise High School.

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East Boise, Warm Springs-Harris Ranch Area- Boise MLS Area 200 

North of the Boise river and east of Saint Luke’s and the downtown corridor you will find North East Boise, aka East Boise. Warm Springs Avenue is the main boulevard and along its margins you will find some of Boise’s largest and most stately old homes, many were erected by wealthy miners and businessmen around the turn of the 20th century. The area gets its name from the natural hot springs that flow from Boise’s fault line. A large number of the homes in the area and even the state capitol are heated geothermally with this constant and environmentally Old Idaho Pen Botanical Gardenfriendly heat source. Like many areas in Boise, closer in you will find the old turn of the century homes and farther out the new development has taken hold and newer homes become the dominate form of housing. East Boise is no different. Near Saint Luke’s you will find the turn of the century charmers. Above the flats in the foothills are numerous developments ranging in age and price’s. Traveling east as you get to the end of Warm Springs Boulevard you will find the Old Idaho Penitentiary which is home to the smashing Idaho Botanical Garden and Outlaw Field which is an outdoor concert venue that has hosted a wide variety of shows from Fun to Willie to Brandi Carlisle. High above Outlaw Field is Table Rock, a local landmark, a mesa with a cross on top and from Outlaw Field looking east you can just see the roof tops of the Outlaw Field Outdoor Concertshomes of the Warm Springs Mesa development. Further out is the Harris Ranch Area and other new subdivision’s. Boise’s own Idaho Shakespeare Festival has their grounds near the river just past Harris Ranch and behind both the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation offices, the private Riverstone School and East Jr. High. East Boise is just minutes to Lucky Peak and the savvy wake boarder’s and water skier’s realize that fact. Real estate is about location and Boise real estate is no different. Because of the close proximity to downtown and the lack of flat building areas housing costs more here than in West Boise, Meridian and Eagle. 

South East Boise- Boise MLS Area 300 

South East Boise is basically south and east of downtown. It is contained on the north by the Boise river. To the south is an elevated plateau locally referred to as a “bench” as it is flat. Basically an ancient elevated flood plain. South East Boise is everything on the lower level below the bench. The eastern end is anchored by Micron and beyond that is nothing but the Oregon trail. It is primarily residential with the older area just south of the Boise State University campus. The homes get progressively newer as you go east. Once you are past Apple street the homes are predominately 1990 and newer. The Columbia Village subdivision and the older Oregon Trail Heights are two major planned communities in South East Boise with an elementary and middle school all within walking distance from all homes. The subdivision is located at the intersections of Interstate 84, Idaho 21, and Federal Way (a former U.S. Highway), which are all major arteries. The subdivision, a baseball complex, and swimming pools were developed around the Simplot Sports complex which is a sensational soccer facility. The fields are built over an old landfill and dump, and the fields and gravel parking lot allow radon gases to escape through the ground. A number of lovely subdivision are clustered along the river and offer live water and quick access to the greenbelt and down own. River Run, Barber Point and Wood Duck Island are a few. South East Boise is home to a number of great amenities such as the greenbelt, Zeppole Bakery which specializes in old world European style breads. They are the best in town, hands down. Barbacoa a very unique high end dining experience is off Park Center Boulevard. Bowen Crossing which has an eatery for everyone in the family is located centrally off East Boise Avenue. 

Boise Bench- Boise MLS Area 400 and 600 

To the south of the Boise River there is an ancient elevated flood plain. It is roughly 70 feet in elevation higher than downtown where the current river runs. The bench starts out near the diversion dam past South East Boise and runs to the west all the way to Caldwell and Middleton. Traditionally these elevated plateaus are locally called a bench. In the Boise area “The Bench” is just a small portion of the old flood plain. The remainder is in west Boise and Meridian. “The Bench” in Boise is everything on the old flood plain north of the I-84 Freeway, and west to about Cole road and the Boise Towne Square Mall. The homes for sale on the bench range in age from 1930’s along the rim (the rim is the edge of the plateau) to 1970’s out near Cole Road. The older bench homes and neighborhoods have a similar feel to the north end, but cost a good chunk less for a similar home. The best view in the Boise Valley are those homes on the edge of the rim with the eye pleasing view of downtown Boise and the Boise front. Vista, Latah, Orchard, and Cole are all major north-south thoroughfare’s in the neighborhood. The Bench is home to the Boise Union Pacific Depot which is owned by the City of Boise. Due south of the Bench is the Boise Airport. The Bench is a prized location as it is close enough to ride your bike to downtown and all the downtown events.

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Southwest Boise- Boise MLS Area 500 and 550 

New construction is hopping in the Southwest Boise. South West Boise is the entire area south of interstate I-84 from the airport west to Eagle road. The Boise MLS has assigned this area two MLS numbers which are area’s 500 and 550. Area 500 is closer in and in the Boise school district and area 550 is farther west and the kids there attend Meridian Idaho schools. Real estate development began in earnest around 1970 in the Indian Lakes area. At that time the developers were allowed to make lots as small as .40 of an acre without city services. So the area has a large number of homes on rather large lots ranging from around one half up to a full acre of land. In the 1980s as a result of 20 % interest rates and zoning changes the building slowed to a crawl. Then in the mid 1990’s as the price of and competition for land in the Meridian area got out of control development again took off in the South West area of Boise. Since then there has been widespread growth of new homes and neighborhoods. If you are looking for a moderately priced home as close to possible to downtown Boise, this is it. There are also a number of upper end subdivisions mixed in as well. As for resale of real estate in South West Boise, the only real issue is you want to be far enough out or south that the air planes do not drive you bonkers! If you are looking for a house and want a realtor who will help you think of resale as well as this sale give Erica or Mike a call. 

West Boise- Boise MLS Area 650 

West Boise is that area of Boise that is north of the I-84 Freeway, west of “The Bench”, and on the ancient elevated river flood plain. The largest shopping mall in the state, the Boise Towne Square Mall is located here. There are also numerous big box stores here including Cabela’s. Many restaurants including The Cheesecake Factory, strip malls, and residential developments ranging from new subdivisions to apartment complexes. The Ada County jail is also near the mall. The west end of West Boise is roughly Eagle road. The Village which is smaller outdoor shopping mall has numerous big box stores and restaurants including Goodwood’s BBQ, Jakers, Matador, The Yard House and Boise’s only Chik-fil-a to name a few. Hewlett Packard, one of Boise’s main employers, relocated their main printing division here in 1977 to the north on Chinden Blvd. The area is relatively flat with some sweeping views of the Boise front. Housing ages range from the late 1960’s along Cole road to new along the Eagle road corridor.

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