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Homes For Sale In Meridian With Pools Are All Here- In Meridian Idaho homes with swimming pools for sale come in all shapes & sizes! Find mls listings in Meridian Subdivisions with one pool or more. Some of the larger subdivisions like Paramount subdivision and Bridgetower subdivision have multiple pools. Looking for a Meridian home with a pool in the back yard? They are all here to, Homes for sale with private pools, community pools. Meridian Home owners also have quick and easy access to Roaring Springs Water Park, Boise's affordable summer time staycation destination. All without leaving home!....Read more 

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The Butte Near Emmett Many people are skeptical about purchasing Meridian Real Estate with a pool in the back yard, the maintenance, cost of heating, risk of injury and fear of little ones near water just does not seem worth the enjoyment one will get from owning one of the homes for sale in Meridian with a pool. Many who are looking to buy Meridian real estate are so sure in their line of thinking and they will not even consider or go look at homes with pools. For others considering homes with pools in Meridian is a dream. Maybe they grew up with a pool or their best friend had one when growing up and it has been a long life without a pool in the yard. While they will look at Meridian homes for sale without pools, they will look at all of the homes for sale in Meridian with pools, even if they are to small or over budget. For others a home for sale in a Meridian that has a community pool would be the bomb. Of course many Meridian homes for sale with community pools exist as well. Some subdivisions have more than one pool, Bridgetower is but one example of the two pool subdivision. When looking at homes for sale in Meridian Idaho with community pools, the buyer should anticipate higher association dues, but that is a small price to pay for the great social and lifestyle benefits one enjoys from living in and frolicking in the community pool. Add in no maintenance and lack of liability and the idea of a home with a community pool is easy to get used to. Keeping cool on a hot summer day is easy and fun when you have access to a pool in your yard or community.
Meridian Homes With Pools And KitchensIs it sunny and hot enough for a pool in Idaho? It is true that Idaho has all four seasons, and thus most people are not going to use their pool for half of the year. However, the other half of the year can get very hot, dry, and uncomfortable, especially when one does not have a pool to relax in. Southern Idaho is considered high desert and summer temperatures in the Treasure Valley routinely reach the upper 90s and can reach as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyone living in these conditions without a pool is going to have a more difficult time staying cool than someone who does own a pool. Yes air conditioning is great, but when added to the lifestyle benefits of having a pool it seems like an easy decision. Keep the kids close and make ever lasting memories with around your very own pool.

Pool Homes For Sale In Meridian CommunitiesThere are some people who believe that they have no other option besides living without a swimming pool due to their budget. However, this is simply not the case. It is true that homes with swimming pools can be very expensive, even millions of dollars, but this is not always the case. There are many listings out there, and there will be many more in the future, that include a swimming pool for relatively cheap. In many cases even less than $200,000. In truth, a swimming pool is an option for a large portion of home buyers. Especially when you factor in the community pool option.
Still, others see a swimming pool as a waste of money. Surely there are public areas where one can swim. This is true, Meridian has many public pool, a water park, and is even very near the Boise river. However, these locations are far inferior to your own pool at home. Public pools for instance, cost money to swim in. By owning your own, you are actually saving some money each time you go for a swim. On top of this public pools can be unsanitary if not managed correctly. The same logic applies to Roaring Springs Water Park, though it is a very fun way to spend a summer day. It isn’t feasible to go there to cool down as time and finances play a role here as well. The Boise River is also not nearly as good a place to cool off as your own private pool. The waters of the Boise River are very cold as they come from the bottom of Lucky Peak. Chilly is an understatement, and this makes it a difficult place to relax in. On top of this, for the first part of the summer, the water flows in the river can be swift and raging, the risk of drowning is high. This means that the water moves much more quickly and often flows through dangerous trees on its banks. That makes a pool seem pretty safe for the novice river enthusiast.

Homes With Community pools In meridian idahoOk so you think you want a pool in your new house. What are the considerations. There are all sorts. The design and materials the pool is built out of, gunite, vinyl or above ground. Are you going to heat it? Gas or solar? A cover a must for you? Automatic or just one for the winter. Most importantly, which direction does it face. Who wants to swim in the shade? Ask any realtor worth there salt what is the best direction for your back yard to face. They will answer North or East or a combination there of. But if you have a pool, do a 180. Or at least make the pool do a 180. If Meridian real estate with a pool is in your future, make sure the pool is on the south or west side or some combination thereof. Not only will this help heat the pool but it will give you an additional 20- 30 days a year to use your pool because the full sun set up is the way to go. 75 degrees in the sun on the south side of your home and 75 degrees in the shade on the east side of the house feel like 20 degrees difference. That’s a lot.