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Boise Waterfront Homes For Sale- Like to fish after dinner? Homes for sale on ponds & the homes on the river are nice and both are not the norm, so be prepared to spend a little more to enjoy some casting after dinner ora stroll along the river! It might be the sound of the riffle in the Boise river that attracts you to a home on the water. Maybe it is the ability to climb out of bed and go for a riverside greenbelt walk or fly fishing excursion without..Read more 

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Waterfront Boise Homes


Read More....without ever getting in the car! It might be as simple as watching the suns twinkling rays play on the water. Whatever it is and The Carr Team have on call an Instant Access Agent standing by 24/7 to show you your favorites right now. Just pick up the phone and we will make it happen..Homes for sale on the water can be challenging to find and priced at a premium. Being high desert Boise has a limited total shore line. Combine that with the fact that much of the Boise river has water frontage that is taken up by the greenbelt and you have a basic economic model in which the demand for a limited resource has pushed the price out of reach for many who desire to buy waterfront homes. In Boise, there are many old gravel pits near the river that have been reshaped to accommodate housing and now have homes built around them. I would guess roughly half of all the homes for sale in Boise on water are fronting ponds rather than the river. A great benefit and cost savings to these homes in Boise on a pond is they are generally without the risk of flooding present in those Boise homes for sale with river frontage, it can be a wise choice to buy one of these homes as the cost of flood insurance has skyrocketed since Katrina rocked New Orleans. Bad hurricane. Homes on ponds are often a lot closer to the water than those that back up directly to the Boise river as well. Since there is no riparian area or 100 year flood plain to worry about you can often sit on your grass and dangle your feet in the pond. From Harris Ranch on one end of Boise to Riverside Village and the Lakeland area on the downstream end we know the nooks and crannies and would love to help you find a new home with great access to the water. A house you will love to call home. Mike has 3 favorite areas when it comes to waterfront homes in Boise. The River Run area is great. Close to Bsu, Bown Crossing, the Shakespeare Festival and downtown. Second would be the Riverside Village area which has some homes with both river and pond frontage. Boasting quick access to both The Boise Towne Square Mall area and Highway 55 for McCall and mountain getaways. It is a winner and only 5 minutes farther from downtown boise than the River Run area.
The whole flood insurance issue is definitely one thing to worry about when you buy waterfront homes in Boise. As I mentioned earlier a home for sale in the flood plain that used to have a bill of $300 or $400 dollars a year for flood insurance, now can expect to pay upwards of $3,000 for the same coverage. That hurts. If you live in the home for 10 years you are paying $30,000 more for the house. When you go to sell be it 4 years or 30 years, you can expect a high percentage of your potential buyers to melt away when they realize that in essence they are getting taxed twice. I guess it must be viewed as a cost of loving the water so much that you are willing to pony up. It is only fair that those who are taking the risk and receiving the benefit of enjoying a home on the water, that they pay for it when the flood comes. Or in this case before the flood comes.