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All South West Boise MLS Listings. Homes For Sale In Southwest Boise Just listed for sale in the southwest Boise Mls. Want a main level master or no stairs? Start your search here! End Your search here!.....Read more 

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Read More....I want an ompaloompa, I want an ompaloompa now! I want a new house, I want a new house really close to downtown Boise! Can you tell me what the difference in those two comments is? One is realistic if you have enough money. If you are on a budget, neither one is realistic. So that brings to mind two more questions. One is how much do I have to spend to be close to downtown if I need big closets and a 3 car garage. The answer at least for the purposes of our discussion here is around 400-450k. If you can spend more than that you can get a nice house in Harris Ranch or the foothills. But if you can only spend 250-400 K you will end up with really small footage on a small lot on the east side or in the foothills. Question Number Two is…Ok, I am on a budget and want a new home for sale close to downtown, where do I go. The answer to that one is Southwest Boise. The tradeoff between cost savings and drive time make southwest Boise homes for sale the best option. Below I will highlight some of the developments and homes for sale in Southwest Boise. The opportunities for newer and brand new homes in Southwest Boise are many and varied. Both of our two big volume builders, CBH Homes and Hubble homes are well represented and have lots of homes for sale in southwest Boise. These are a great option for people who want to buy Boise real estate and have a large family and need every square foot that they can get for their dollar. On the flip side are the quality builders who may have slightly smaller yards in some cases, but the quality is great and they represent a value. While at the same time keeping the drive to lifestyle events like First Thursday, Alive After 5, and all the Farmers markets in Downtown Boise manageable. In subdivisions like Southcreek, Hazelwood Village and Century Farms, you will find brand new homes for sale built by the likes of Hammett Homes, Berkley Building Company, Blackstead Construction, Ashbury Construction, Belveal construction, Brighton Homes and many more. The homes prices vary as much as the quality. I see one new home on the list for 64 dollars a square foot. While the average quality homes start around 120-130 a square foot. The homes that are being built that I would call upgraded and containing high end finishes like granite and solid surfaces start at about $145 a square foot and go up to around $160 a square foot, as of sometime in 2016. I will highlight 3 homes, One Cbh construction, one Hammett home and one built by Ashbury Construction in Hazelwood Village. I have sold homes by each of these builders and think they are all great at what they do. They are 3 different quality levels in 3 different developments.
Because of Mls rules I cannot give out the exact address of the homes, just the street names and statistics, so if you want more details than I can publish pick up the phone and give me a call!
The CBH Home is in Devonshire which is located near the intersection of Lake Hazel and Maple grove roads. A quick run to the freeway entrance at Cole road and roughly 15 minutes to downtown Boise. The home has a basic craftsman style trim pack and average quality throughout. For instance the windows are wrapped in sheetrock rather than wood, it had vinyl floor coverings in baths and laminate counters as well. Typically the Cbh Homes include front yard landscaping and wing fences, but no rear sprinklers, sod, fencing or bushes. And like all new homes window coverings are the buyers responsibility after closing. At 96 dollars square foot you should be able to afford the window coverings and sprinklers! Sold in May 2016 for 215,490. Boasting 2248 square feet, the Sienna has 3 bedrooms and a large bonus and an upstairs laundry room too. This particular home for sale in Devonshire was located at 100XX Lillywood Dr.
   The Ashbury construction home is in Hazelwood Village. If you are not familiar with Hazelwood Village it is a concept subdivision that works perfectly for retirement to Boise or for those who want a smaller yard and a lot more quality. While it is not an over 55 or senior development exclusively, the super high quality finishes and small yard appeal to those empty nesters who want low maintenance, while maintaining control of the outside of their home. All the builders in Hazelwood Village run a similar motif in that the quality is similar to what you will find in large custom homes in Meridian and Eagle, just in a smaller package. I chose the Asbury Construction home for this highlight because I sold one of his homes in the Meridian Retirement community called Heritage Grove. He was great to work with and I really liked the way his designer put it all together. This home has on old world cottage appeal from the front and was marketed with “Cute as Pie”. While I have never heard that expression before, It is a good looking home on the inside as well as out. Ashbury construction typically has all the bells and whistles, solid surface everything, tile, granite, wood, well designed island kitchens and a really warm and inviting feel. At 1639 square feet and having sold at 145 a square foot this is the yang to Cbh’s yin. Smaller footage and great quality for Ashbury construction and lower quality and space with Cbh homes.

   Hammett Homes is building valley wide and has homes in various sizes and prices up to 700 or 800 K. This example is one that I recently sold in Southcreek on Thor. The buyer chose Southcreek for exactly the reasons that I spelled out above. Mainly Boise Lifestyle considerations. With work near Boise State University and family strung out from the Bench to Harris Ranch, new homes for sale in Meridian and Eagle were not appealing options. The homes for sale in Harris Ranch had such small yards for the money they opted for this lovely parade home with a ton of upgrades. A luxurious master featuring a free standing tub. A really cool triple pane slider that opens to a whopping 8 feet making the back patio a part of the living room. These and many other upgrades give this home the feel of a much more expensive home. The 3rd bay on the garage is a 12 foot high Rv sized unit which may well have a basketball hoop installed not long after closing. This one has not closed yet and so as far as price as a consideration to Hammett Homes I will just say that the buyer paid something south of the 399,900 listing price the day after the parade ended. The hardwood floors are lovely, the appliances are top end Bosch. The double ovens will come in handy for the holidays. The icing on the cake is the fact that it backs up to the open space of the neighbors 1 acre parcel, so no one behind. It looks like a park back there. Find this set up in Southeast Boise for under $400,000 and I will hire you to help me buy my next house!