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Idaho History and Fun Facts

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Idaho History

The great State of Idaho was admitted into the union as the 43 state in 1890. Formed with a panhandle because Washington state did not want the mines of northern Idaho in Washington for fear of a power shift from their capital in Olympia. Ours is a state with many and varied climates and demographic groups. It can be demographically and geographically divided into 3 sections Eastern Idaho, Southwestern Idaho, and Northern Idaho. This page is intended to give you a little insight and general information. One of the best places to start is the official home page of the State of Idaho.

As fourth generation and life time Idahoan's who are proud of our state, feel free to give us a call! We would love to share our knowledge of Idaho’s history, homes for sale in Boise, Eagle and surrounding areas and Idaho's resources. Both Boise real estate and those natural ones you may have questions about. Like the camping at Redfish Lake, visiting a historic ghost town like Silver City or picking a few huckleberry's! We look forward to providing unparalleled service if you decide a move to Boise, Meridian, Eagle or anywhere in the Treasure Valley is in your future.


Idaho is a land of mountains, desert canyon lands, and a banana-shaped plain called the snake river plain, that runs from Weiser (named for a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition) in the west, all the way to Yellowstone National Park in eastern Idaho. Here you will find roughly 80 % of the population of the state. Water is the life blood here in the high desert and the reservoirs that hold back the snow melt provide the liquid gold to fuel the agricultural fields and water the lawns in the developments in our various cities. 

Idaho is filled with many wonders, including America's deepest gorge and lava flows so unique that they are a national monument. Fossil Beds and hot springs. Everything from the Snake River plain north is mountains, many with no roads only trails. I was once told that if you could flatten Idaho out it would be bigger than Texas. Although technically we are the 13th biggest state. At the bottom of every mountain is a river. At the bottom of every river are rocks, and under the rocks are the words and some of the words are theirs. That line from "A River Runs Through It" has always been one of my favorites and speaks to my long roots in the state and the memories I have of this great state, usually driving up or floating down one of these Gems of the mountains.


Idaho has a tax base that is spread out fairly evenly between a sales tax (6%), Income Tax (8% for the biggest earners), a .43 cent per gallon gas tax. Property taxes are about 1.25%. The governing agency for taxes in Idaho is the Idaho State Tax Commission. So basically the tax based is spread out so no one group ends up burdened by an unfair amount of taxes. If you drive a lot, spend a lot or own a really big house, then you will pay more than somebody who lives in a small house, saves every penny and rides there bike to work.


Idaho is conservative country, The GOP has ruled over the last quarter of a century. However the democrats picked up a large handful of seats in the legislature in recent elections. Our legislature meets annually and is comprised of a House of Representatives and a Senate. The senate which is filled with lots of conservative rural legislatures who act as gatekeepers against higher taxes and out of control spending. I think Erica put it best when she moved back to Idaho from Portland Oregon. During her first election cycle she turned and looked at me and exclaimed, in reference to the candidates, Democrats in Idaho are Republicans in Oregon! And it is somewhat true. While the voting district boundaries have been gerrymandered to the point that the republicans hold a vast majority in the state house, I think the popular vote for governor in the last election was roughly 64/36.


The climates of Idaho are many and varied. In general, north Idaho gets more rain and hence has lots of trees. The crops there are generally watered by mother nature and are mostly cereal crops like wheat. Southwest Idaho is classified as high desert as is southeast Idaho. However as you go upstream from Boise to the east you go up in elevation so you can expect more wind and snow, longer winters and lower summertime highs. The Boise area has four true seasons, Summer is just a little on the hot side, winter a little on the cold side. Boise is also bright and sunny with about the same number of sunny days as Las Vegas, but without the heat or crime! Our drinking water comes from an underground Aquifer. But our liquid gold is the snowmelt held back by the 3 dams on the Boise river. It waters our yards, our crops and our economy. Without that water we are just another dusty high desert town. With it we have grown into the best small city in the country. We are just a big Mayberry USA!


Boise is by far the largest city in the state and by the time you consider Nampa, Meridian, and Caldwell, over 1/2 of the state's population live within 60 miles of Boise. Other towns of good size are Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello to the east and Lewiston and Coeur d’Alene to the north.


A little over 1 million people statewide. 600,000 in the Boise Metro area.