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Are Bigger Garage's Better!

It is the age old debate. Is bigger really better? When it comes to garages bigger is better! The reasons for wanting a home in Idaho with a 3 car garage or even a 4 car garage may be as simple as the kids bikes and the Christmas tree, or it could be the need to store the multitude of sporting, camping and other outdoor toys that are essential to living life to the fullest given all of the options available to residents of Boise and beyond! Whatever your need is we can fulfill it here at ...Read more

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Idaho Homes - 3 Car Garage

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Our site includes a presorted search for Idaho homes for sale that only have 3 or more car garages. If you would like to search with more detailed criteria, just use our advance, robust search tools that allow you to search not only by garage size but many other criteria including how many levels, how old, lot size, you name it. It's not only easy, you get results in a snap. There are multitude of garage variations, shapes, sizes, heights.


While we have determined bigger is better, is it worth the cost? Depending on size and other floor plan considerations it will cost between $7,000 and $10,000 to add on a third bay at a normal car size and the typical 7 foot door. It can go much higher if you are looking at parking the Willie Nelson motor home or 28 foot long cabin cruiser. To rent a one car garage sized storage unit you are looking at $100 a month and for outdoor rv parking $200 a month. So depending on what you have to store you break even in 4 or 5 years. Factor in the risk of a break in at a storage facility, the convienience of having your stuff at home and it is clear a 3 car is a good investment. On top of that we have not even factored in the greater demand when you go to resell which will result in a higher sales price!


There are as many shapes sizes and configurations as your mind can imagine.There is the most common 3 wide garage that has one double door and one single door resulting in a garage around 600 square feet which is about as small a space as you can go and justifying calling a garage a 3 car. This configuration allows for the option to push the 3rd bay double deep and results in a 4 car garage. On a narrower lot you may see a home for sale with a regular 2 car garage door, but don't be fooled it may be double deep on both sides resulting in a tandem 4 car garage or more commonly it will be double deep on just one side resulting in a 3 car garage! Another variation we have seen in the last 5 years or so is a single door coming in from the side and at the rear which can provide access for a mower, small car or rv trailer. Often times this design will yield a garage that is on the smaller side for a 3 car, but often suits the storage needs of most families. On large lots and acreages you will often have a 3 car garage attached and a separate "shop".


Most builders in tract style subdivisions install the "normal" 7 foot garage door. This height is fine for most buyers and uses. But if you have one of those lifted 1 ton trucks with 20 inch tires 7 feet may not be tall enough. With the rise in popularity of Willie Nelson style motor homes and also the popularity of water ski and Jet boats here in Idaho, rv garages are becoming more and more common. Some of the builders building homes for resale in the nicer Meridian and Eagle developments, with doors large enough to accommodate all shapes and sizes of recreational vehicles. Most garage door companies offer a 7 foot, 8 foot and then jump to a 10 foot, 12 foot and 14 foot doors. In talking with a couple of the bigger volume builders in the valley the 7 footer is the norm and they can custom build whatever size you want.

Upgrades and Storage

A garage is a garage is a garage until you customize it! The options are many and varied from epoxy floors, lining the walls to suspended overhead racks. Increase the storage capacity of a normal garage by 100%. These are all great for your homes liveability and it's resale!