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Idaho landscapes are diverse, almost as diverse as the Idaho bank owned homes available here at Around the clock, our database is updated to ensure that you will be receiving accurate, timely real estate information. The reo, bank owned properties listed for sale here are from every bank broker, agent in the area, and every town and neighborhood in greater Boise....Read more

Bank Owned


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REO stands for real estate owned. This term is used when referring to a home that has gone through the foreclosure process, failed to find a buyer at the auction, and is now owned by the bank. One of the benefits of buying a bank-owned REO property is that investors can purchase the home free of title liens and other claims. Another benefit of buying an REO property is that they are generally vacant. Investors can save a tremendous amount of time and energy because the eviction process has been taking care of by the bank. There are many opportunities for everyday investors to take advantage of these REO properties on a single home basis. Every city has realtors that work with the banks to list and sell their properties and we have listed over 500 REO properties in the last 20 years. Financing REO properties is the same as any other investment property. 

Due to the competitive pricing of foreclosure properties there are often multiple offers placed on a home with which buyers will need to compete. This is particularly true for home priced under $200,000 in the Ada and Canyon County real estate market. The selling price of a foreclosure may consequently exceed the listing price.  Banks will not accept offers from buyers that need to sell their own home first, so plan accordingly.  It is viewed as too high of a risk for costly delays in the escrow process. When buying a foreclosed home, the bank typically does not provide disclosures on the home and when they do they basically inform you that they know nothing. typically they have not been in the home and therefore has no knowledge of the home and finally they are exempt from disclosing what they do not know.  There could be, for example, water drainage issues, mold or roof damage that the buyer may not be informed of. Buyers should pay for their own inspections of the property prior to purchasing! In almost all cases a bank will not agree to pay for pest certifications, roof inspections, or repairs to a home. These are all the responsibility of the buyer. In addition, a foreclosure has often been vacant for long periods of time and there can be significant costs involved in preparing the property for move-in condition.

 If you're hoping to be the most up to date buyer, the first to see Boise's newest MLS listings, come back regularly. Some of the large national websites are notoriously slow about uploading the new listings and taking down the old ones. These properties have all been foreclosed by the financial institution which holds the mortgage. That is different from properties "in" foreclosure where the bank does not actually own it yet, or the ones listed as shortsales which may or may not be in foreclosure, but are listed in the mls hoping the bank will play ball when the seller comes with an offer that is "short" of covering the whole loan amount

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