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Do These Before You List Your Home In Boise..

 ...To Help Get Top Dollar! It is a great time to sell Boise real estate. The snow is gone and inventory is low. Don’t wait until May you will be competing with more listings of existing homes. Buyers are trying so hard to find homes right now it may surprise you what they will agree to! On top of that the builders will be adding supply as fast as the president can sign executive orders! The Boise real estate market hit an all-time low in inventory in January. There is a strong pool of buyers bidding their time and waiting for you to list. The best news is that you will not need to do quite as much work in order to get great offers. Need to stay until school is out?? To solve this problem, we can ask for a long closing time or a rent back as well.
Typically late spring and early summer is the peak season when it comes to buying and selling! In Boise and with the sale of homes in the Meridian Idaho real estate market, the iron is hot right now. So if you have been considering selling, we would love to plant our sign in your yard. Why Mike and Erica? If you will notice we recommend that you interview agents. You see a great fit is as
tips sell boiseimportant for the realtor as it is for you! It is imperative that clear and easy communication be taking place. Once you have seen other realtors marketing plans we think we will come out on top! Our marketing plan puts your house first, not us, not our web site or other agents in our office. We will have our web master create an individual page for your home and we will promote it to the top of Google. We are not talking about all the syndicated stuff like Zillow, you get all that plus we incorporate a paid campaign on Google for terms that make sense for your house. If you own a view or waterfront property in Boise we will pay for the keywords to get your house to the top. Like “homes for sale on the Boise river” Waterfront Homes Boise” How can we do this? Because we are not a mega team with 50 agents and 100 listings, we do not have as much intra office competition which allows us to focus the bright light of your homes best keyword matches directly on your homes web page! Sounds great because it is great! If you list with the giant teams, your house will just be mixed in with all the others, lost in time and space. Leaving buyers to search through at least a screen full to find your home’s bio. With our marketing program, it is your house front and center! We combine the individualized google campaign with the direct mail, facebook push campaign and more to get the most exposure we possibly can!
What about the product?
1. Get your home inspected.
Fix anything obvious and everything you would want fixed. If your doorbell is broken buyers will assume everything else is in dis-array too.Listing Agent Boise Idaho

2. Shape up before marketing.
This is probably not the time to do a total remodel on your kitchen or master bathroom. But it is time to clean up the entry(see tips), replace the garage doors, pull the weeds and fix the doorbell. One time… for first impressions.
3. Interview real estate agents.
Number one on the search results for Google or number 9 at the top of page two?
4. Setting a price.
Factoring in your personal needs with the markets demands to hopefully get you into a bidding war!
5. Understand your price.
If we add 10% on to what the comps say do not expect a bidding war! Buyers are a little desperate, but not stupid.

I want to sell Meridian House

6. Get rid of the junk.
Pack and clean. Wall of fame, gone. Unframed Star Wars Poster, gone. Silver spoon collection, gone. Go to the pottery barns web page and make your home look like the pictures you will find there!
7. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Round up as many pictures of your home as you can when it looked it’s best. Have a red maple that lights up in October, we need a picture. Perennials, dressed up living room last Christmas. A great shot of the sunset from your back yard in August will wow a lot more than my add copy stating, “enjoy the dramatic sunsets, especially in the summer!”
Sell Boise Real Estate8. Smell it up.
Get some plugin air fresheners that smell like vanilla, the more of the buyers senses and sensibilities you arouse, the more of their money will end up in your pocket!
9. Stay on top of the market

By the way If you are selling in the Phoenix Area try Jerry Murphy here is a link to his web site..



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