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More Profit In Your Pocket!

Are You Getting Ready To Sell Boise Real Estate?

Like This To Sell Home In Boise!

Read This First. Selling Your Boise Home For More Involves Not Only A Great Marketing Campaign! Bit A Great Product As Well. Imagine You Are Buying And You Walk Up To Your Front Door. What Kind Of First Impression Would You Leave With. How About The Kitchen And The Baths?

  1. Heat it up in the kitchen.

  2. Appliance your way to dollars.

  3. Bathrooms too.

  4. Look down, down, down.

  5. And then there was light.

  6. Freshen the first impression.

    Not Like This When Selling Boise Real Estate!

1. Heat It Up In The Kitchen-   We all know kitchens and baths really sell homes. It is true in Boise, Oklahoma and it is true here when selling your home in Boise  Idaho or Meridian Idaho. For a few dollars you can do small improvements that will go a long way towards a higher sales price and more money in your pocket. Little things as simple as new knobs on the cabinets or a new faucet can set the stage and create the impression that this is home! A Step up would be to resurface your existing cabinets. It is about 2/3 the cost of new and you do not have to touch the counters!

2. Appliances Cost Tons- Or not. If your kitchen has old, mismatched appliances there are lots of inexpensive ways to fix that up. New does not have to be new. Used appliances off craigslist cost one quarter to one third what a new model will cost. Buy a stainless refrigerator for $500 or less. Ranges for $200 to $300 dollars. We bought a replacement dishwasher after I broke our 3 year old dishwasher for $80. It is nicer and quieter than the one we bought new 3 years ago. New becomes used the second it crosses your threshold. In addition did you know most dishwasher have reversible panels. If you have white and need black take 30 seconds and see if your's is reversible. If not you can order new panels for a fraction of what a new unit will cost.

3. Location, Location, Bathroom- Dirty, dingy, moldy or groady. None of these will get you top dollar. A new toilet seat, sink and faucet can go along way when it comes to filling up the piggy bank at closing! Regrout the tile and replace broken tiles. Vinyl remnants for most baths are less than 100 dollars. If that is beyond your construction ability go with the peel and stick vinyl tiles. These go right over your existing floor! Remember the rule of 3. If a repair costs $100 dollars, buyers will think it is going to cost $300. So if you have major problems in bathrooms it will cost you 3 times when the buyer is formulating their offer price.

4. Appealing Flooring A Must- Carpet wear patterns, pink tile or hardwood floors with no finish left on them are just as bad for your bottom line as a dated kitchen. Again when deciding what makes sense use the rule of 3. Buyer's add on way more than most repairs actually cost.

5. Match Or Lighter? Both!- No don't burn it down, match the lights and the door knobs silly. Lights are blinkin cheap.. When we flip houses here is what we do. Get a count of everything that needs to be replaced...including the outside lights in the front. You only get one first impression, make it count for $30 bucks more. Decide if spending a little more in the kitchen, entry and eating areas will be worth it. Then depending on what you are keeping and what color the door knobs are decide satin nickel or bronze. If your door knobs are brass, unless it is an "as is" sale, (Stop reading and call me to list right now! 208-284-9905 ) replace to match at a cost of around $300-350 for a 3 bed 2 bath 1800 square foot house. Then go straight to craigslist do not pass go but you do collect the $200 in savings! See what's there. A lot of times you will find a variety of choice's, others nothing. A little forethought can reap a lot cheaper lights ( i.e. start looking for them now). Lights at the big boxes can be had for $15-40 for the nipple ceiling lamps so if they are not cheap pass and go to step 2. Step 2 is go straight to Habitat For Humanity's store (their price's have gotten ridiculous), Then Second Chance Building. It is in downtown Boise on 15th or 16th street (reasonable prices). Both have alot of ugly ones and sometimes some pretty good stuff. In addition if you have broken glass shades they have lots of those for super cheap. This is money well spent and ties the house together. For $600 you are a step closer to the pottery barn feel.

6. First Impressions The Second Time Are Twice As Hard!- Not just outside the front door but in the entry too. Use common sense, if the prospective buyer sees cobwebs, chipped and peeling paint, they will assume the whole house is not taken care of! If your door looks like Heck replace or repair. New mission style faux wood is about $500-$600. 

If you want buyer's fighting over your home when you put it on the market, a couple thousand dollar's will go a long way to over come a lot of the objections that the buyer will raise when it comes to price vs condition. There is an old realtor saying about overpriced listings.... "price eventually overcomes all objections". It is true. Lets flip that to take away the objections and raise the price. If done right the proceeds go right into your pocket. 


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