Boise Real Estate With A Garden!

Is An Awesome Garden A Must In Your New Home in Boise?

Warm Days, Cool Nights & Fertile Soil Make Gardening In Boise Easy & Fun!

Edwards Greenhouse And NurseryAre you an avid gardener planning on moving to Boise? Have you already done the move to Boise? Purchased your brand new home in Boise or Meridian and now you are prepping to make it bloom? Wondering what will grow, when to plant and where is the best place to pick up your annual supplies. Here are a few tidbits to get you headed in the right direction for both beautiful landscaping and a high producing vegetable garden. One of the great things about decking out the landscaping on your home in Boise is the added benefit that you will receive when the time comes you to sell Boise real estate.


What Hardiness Zone Is Boise In?

There is considerable debate about what growing zone Boise is in. The Usda has recently revised and recatagorized Boise to a warmer zone. The chart has Boise listed as 7a. That is true most of the time but once in a while we dip lower. So it is safest to plant using plants hardy to at least zone 6. Rarely we get a blast of minus 25 weather which will take some of those out as well. 

What About Frost In Boise?

Old timers will tell you not to plant your tomatoes until the snow is gone from Shaffer Butte. While it is cute, modern science and common sense tells us the average last day of frost in Boise is early May, sometime around the May 10 or May 12. That said it will freeze the 3rd week of May and some years we do not get a frost after May 1. That said the wall of water works great Extending the growing season for tomatoes, peppers and the likes by a month or more. For a late may emergency, the “Let’s Do This” Home Depot buckets applied for the odd cold night can be a life saver as well. All in all though what’s the rush. Tomato’s will not ripen until the night time lows climb above 58 degrees. Typically that happens some time just after the fourth of July. 

Can You Still Plant Bulbs In Boise?

Crocus, Tulips, Daffodils provide that early blast of color to remind us we are still alive! You still have a few weeks to get them in the ground. As a late season bonus a lot of stores have the bulbs on sale at this point clearing them out. The ground will freeze soon though so do not waste any time getting that done.

Where Are The Best Suppliers In Boise?

Let’s face it, for a lot of the basic stuff it is hard to beat the prices at the big box suppliers like Home Depot. A few years ago we needed some arborvitae for a house we were flipping. The cost at the big box was $12, the same shrub at a smaller specialty garden store was $26.00. However the big box can’t compete on quality or variety. My go to garden stores are as follows. Edwards Greenhouse and Nursery, The 36th Street Garden Center and Zamzow’s on Chinden for a good selection. The signature event to look for that really seals the deal for us is the annual wagon load sale at Edwards. It is a great chance to fill up all your empty spaces for a fraction of the retail cost. With our long Indian summer’s there is plenty of time to enjoy all that cheap color. Edwards also has a killer selection of tomato plants in hundreds of varieties as well as a multitude of other delectable. One last tip that many do not think of is the for plant supply is craigslist. There are several plantistas who raise starts of all sorts of perennials and annuals in backyard greenhouses. They are a fraction of the cost and if you buy quantity they will typically give you a bit of a break off of their already low prices!


So remember we are not cold like South Dakota and not hot like Arizona (although we do have the same number of sunny days)! So if you are a gardener or heavy into landscaping buy Boise real estate, or a home for sale in Meridian Idaho for that matter. You will love both the climate, the people and your garden!





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