The Hidden Cost Of New Construction- Meridian Idaho.

Meridian New Homes For Sale
There are so many great things about buy a new home that has just been constructed! When it comes to Meridian real estate these days there are a lot new homes. Some of the benefits are they are clean and sparkle, everything works, the one year builders warranty that the builders provide with a new home is great, the cute modern styling and finishes are smashing. These are all great reason’s to want a brand new home in Meridian. But if we look closer we can also compile a list of things that are not so great about new homes. On many homes, builders just built in Meridian, the yard is only half completed, a landscaping package for the back and more shrubs for the front adds up quickly. The cost of a sprinkler system for just the back of an average sized lot is around $2,000. The lack of a fence is another. While not all people who are going to buy a new home in Meridian need a fence a lot of them do. And at 26 dollars a foot, plus gates it is not cheap. You are looking at $5,000 to $10,000 just for the fence. Of course you can ask the neighbor to split it with you, but they are not obligated. Another hidden cost, or at the least one that most buyers under estimate is window coverings. Yes, you can do it fairly economically with the Home Depot specials at $50 dollars a window. But in a lot of upper end homes these just don’t cut it. High end coverings of various styles can run $200 or more per window. With an average of 40 windows that adds up. Combine all of these and what you have is a bunch of work and expense to get your brand new Meridian home completed to your specifications. So when you are getting ready to buy meridian real estate think about these things and make sure you factor that into your decision when looking at existing. Often times new paint and carpet will get you the feel of new with a lot less work and expense. You typically can paint and carpet a 2200 square foot home for around the cost of a fence alone.

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