Idaho Real Estate Agent Loves Morels

Meridian Real Estate Agent Mike Carr Has Hot Tip On Morels Popping Up In Idaho. Living the Idaho lifestyle is what makes Meridian and Idaho so special. A Recent Birthday Backpacking trip in North Central Idaho yielded a lucky couple 3 gallons of the taste fungi. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to grab one or two my self, I arranged a hasty campus visit to the University of Idaho for my son Noah! The University of Idaho has a great engineering school by the way! As long as we were headed up that way, and it is only 120 miles from campus to mushroom heaven, we might as well head up and see if the early season picking rumor was fact or fiction. I searched the inciweb fire site to locate a burn or two and away we went. Also the Lochsa was running high, the turkeys are gobbling.Noah picked up a dry suit at Nrs and it was a good thing he did. It started raining as we left Moscow and did not really stop. Mushrooms love that, but turkey hunters and rafters not so much. Needless to say before leaving meridian, we tossed in the AIRE Wave destroyers and the shotgun just in case we had time and with that we were three sport athletes.

We first chose to try our luck at finding the mushrooms. It was to late to raft and to wet to turkey hunt. We picked for 2 hours and found our first mushroom not 200 yards from the car! Success and a darn fine dinner of elk steak (another blog) and morels fried in butter and garlic on the banks of the Selway river. You can't lead a lifestyle that is more Idaho like than that! Albeit in a driving rain storm. Bound and determined to get 10 more gallons, I caved in to my sons demands for a warm meal and an afternoon of rafting. The Lochsa River is the bomb, big enough to get the attention of even expert boaters, forgiving enough to let you live if you slip up. Thanks to Aire's own Big Al, we enjoyed great leads through and around the boat flippers that were every where. We broke camp at 3 oclock and. Noah opted for homework in the truck while I look for my last 8 gallons. Since the weather had cleared a little, I took the shotgun just in case! There were quite a number of others hitting the mushroom trail, which frankly does not look like a trail at all. More like a steep hillside, I picked and stumbled. Calling occasionally for the sneaky-beaky tom. Not a peep. i continued to find mushrooms here and there and got a few more gallons, but never hit the mother load. So with a 6 hour drive back to Meridian I decided it was time to go. About 5 oclock in the evening. Noah need to be back to rocky Mountain High School for classes the next morning. I stopped part way back to the main road on a logging spur to rest and decided to call one last time. Boom gobble right above, right where I had just been. Call again, he has moved down to my road. In the burn there was a huge cedar across the road right between me and him. He came closer and I decided to get a better vantage point. I called again and like the Original Idaho life style ling expert "The Ridge Runner" The tom was gone as fast as he had appeared. Oh well, turkeys don't gobble in the rain, except on the Clearwater!

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