Planning A Move To Boise?

Posted by Mike and Erica Carr on Monday, September 19th, 2016 at 2:22pm.

Boise Downtown Core TourBoise Downtown Core Tours

& Tips To Make Your Visit To Boise A Smashing Success

If you are relocating and are planning a trip to house hunt or check out Boise, Mike and Erica would love to show you some homes or give you a core tour of Boise and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to help educate each and every newbie to Boise so they can make a great decision about how Boise fits them. If it fits like a glove, that's great and you will leave with some historical perspective to help you decide where and what about Boise suits you to a tee. We pride ourselves in our thorough and knowledgeable ways, it's about all things Boise. Our low pressure laid back vibe goes down easy and we love to show off our home town. Below find a few links to restaurants, hotels and housing areas that we think are great! Give us a call right now if you are here in town or coming and want to get together for a cup of Joe or a community core tour of Downtown, Bsu, old areas, new areas or all of the above! 

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 Barbacoa Chandier


Goldie's Breakfast Bistro- A take number downtown breakfast joint. Lots of character, great food, always busy. This one is great for that liesurely breakfast if your flight out is not til 1:00. Not cheap but oh so good.

Fresh Off The Hook- Long time seafood market turned restaurant. Inexpensive, fresh, high quality. try the Halibut Tacos, Hot Seafood Salad and the Fish ans Chips rock it too. $10-$15 a plate.

Bar-Ba-Coa-  Hip, happening and totally one of a kind. Known for unique and eclectic menu and decor. Try one of there awesome steaks "Hot Rock Style". The shrimp appi is to die for and you can choose from a bevy of desserts with a unique twist.


Modern Hotel- Downtown hipster boutique hotel with a high walking score and the best drink menu in town.

Candlewood Suites- Newer Meridian Motel- Free breakfast- All Kitchenettes.

Hilton Garden Inn- Newer Riverside Hotel in Eagle. Breakfast for additional charge. Walk the greenbelt. Good local food choices abound.


Instant Access Agent Available 24/7 Call: 1 208-284-9905


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