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When Selling Your Boise Home!

Sell Boise Real Estate

Tips For Selling Boise Real Estate

Number 10- Price It Right

Find out what your home is worth, then instead of adding 5% to arrive at the asking price, take 2 % off. In an active market, like the one we have in Boise, chances are there are 3 or 4 buyers out there ready to pounce on the next listing with a competitive price. Fear of being beat out again will get the better of them often resulting in multiple offers. And if you have followed the other 9 tips, a great offer well over full price.

 Number 9- Curb Appeal Sells

Do whatever it takes to make the front of your home and your entry way look beautiful and maintenance free. From painting the front door, to barking the beds, a little money here will go a long way. Somethings are free and just a no brainer. I can not count the number of times a buyer client and I have arrived at a house that is being billed as being in fantastic condition to find leaves, cob webs or chipped and peeling paint on door trim. It all just serves to get the buyer wondering what else the lazy seller has not maintained. 

 Number 8- Light It Up, Lighten It Up.

Dark homes, whether from lack of natural light or dark paint colors don't sell for top dollar! Never close the blinds, clean the windows, turn on all the lights before showings. Even if it means leaving them on all day. The higher electric bill can be paid out of the increased sales price. Are you a cornhusker? Sorry paint the family room a neutral color, the chances that we get another husker fan that wants Christmas red is slim and none.

Number 7- Playing The Agent Field

Interview and hire the best agent you can find. Picking your cousin Vinny is not going to get you top dollar. Picking an agent that is experienced, up to speed on the market, who employs great marketing will get you top dollar! With all the syndication you get today, you really should ask your next agent, "What exactly are you going to do in addition to the sign, the mls (includes zillow and all the rest of syndicated sites) and a lockbox to get top dollar for my home. Interview Mike and Erica Right now! 208-284-9905

 Number 6- Critters

Lots of people love dogs, lots love cats....it is great. I am a dog guy. That said I have never paid one cent more for a house because they owned a dog. I am not really a cat guy. I have never paid less for a house because they had a cat unless it had peed everywhere. Kennel them, crate them, take them with you. Just like a great smell like cookies or a cake can get the emotions going, a stinky house or kitty litter box will turn that "I want to love this place" feeling into get me the heck outta here in one whiff.

Number 5- Don’t Over-Upgrade

Do every little handyman project you can find. Fix the drips, sags, bangs and dings. Do inexpensive upgrades like kitchen hardware, new door knobs, lighten any dark or individualized. Remove the stickers from the closet door in the kids room. Do the closet doors work right, all the little things add up! 

Bigger upgrades should be considered very carefully. If the carpet is hammered you will get your money back out of it. Highly objectionable items like lime green kitchen counters are probably a winner, but a total kitchen remodel is not. For example, if your cabinets are looking a little rough, staining them and adding new hardware is a good idea. Ripping them out and putting in new a new pottery barn style kitchen is generally going to cost you more than you will get back. 

Number 4-  Turn Your Home Into A House

Rent a storage unit and de-personalize your home. This goes hand in hand with the closets and storage space. It all has to be packed up at some point anyway. The family portraits, 2 years worth of magazines, from the clutter on the desk to the shelves in the bathroom, clean and simple. All of this will make the home look larger and it will be a lot easier to get potential buyers to mentally start moving their stuff into place if they do not have to mentally move yours out first. Consider hiring a home stager to help with maximizing the use of space to showcase your floor plan. Remember you have bought the house already. We need to sell to somebody else who may or may not have the same taste and great style you have! 

Number 3-First Comes Love, Then Comes The Kitchen

The baby in the baby carriage comes later, we have to get closed first. Did you know that you are not selling your home, only the kitchen and master. If these two do not pass muster of the decision maker in the transaction forget it. You lost the sale. The hard part is determining what is appropriate. We know that all of the inexpensive weekend eating projects are a no brainer. Make it as nice as possible for less than $2,000 if you have not already. Once the cost goes over $2,000, a lot of factors come into play, location, size/price range, current condition of kitchen and the rest of the house. Another reason to higher one of the great realtors here at BoiseRelocation.com.

Number 2- Be Ready To Show

You never know when the right one will come along. If there are 2 days dirty dishes in the sink, a smelliy trash can and kitty litter box and kids clothes strung from one end to the other all of the other preparation is for naught. If they can not get in to see it, or it "shows poorly", it makes it tough to get it sold. 

Number 1- You Only Get To Make A First Impression 1 Time

With todays technology, buyers already have an impression of your home before arriving. If you hired a great agent and have good photos and ad copy your job is to reinforce the positive vibe they have arrived with. From a cute, clean path from car to door to a working door bell all the way through to the uncluttered master bath counter we need the buyer to walkout saying it is even nicer than I thought in order to get them for the highest sales price possible. A door bell that is hanging and broken, two ripped screens and a missing handle on the shower door give the impression that it is a money pit.

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