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Metal Backsplash's with designer finish's

Used mostly in Commercial Applications and ultra-luxury applications metal backsplashes are finding there way into homes across America for the unique, stylish and durable qualities. Do it yourself and save a bundle.

The greater Boise metro area housing market is tight. The supply hit an all-time low this month. That said if you are thinking of selling in Meridian or Boise, it is a great time to make the move up or down! Give us a call! Our marketing plan buy’s your homes personal webpage right to the top of Google!

Faux Copper Kitchen BacksplashThe last few buyers that we helped find a home have been a little disappointed with the selection. But with some perseverance and with a little hunting and pecking we got the job done. They are all moved in and shoveling snow like the rest of us. We looked at a lot of homes for sale in Meridian and Boise before settling on one that needed a kitchen remodel. Of course we factored that into our offer and did some preliminary research into pricing for the remodel. The buyers are cooks(she was a professional chef in former life!) and love everything about their new home in Meridian, except the kitchen. It is oak and dated with a 1999 backsplash. They will be starting over and since they love spending time in the kitchen they really want to nail it. They are set up with a good local cabinet maker and are going solid surface for the counters, they will be tying in the hardwood floors. All that is left is the backsplash. We all went to lunch at Lucky Fins in Meridian to celebrate the closing of their new home and the conversation came around to the kitchen and the backsplash issue that was as yet to be decided. After throwing around some ideas, Mr. B looked up and exclaimed “How about a stainless or metal backsplash like that one? He pointed to the bar’s backsplash. If you have not enjoyed the rolls at Lucky Fins, you do not know they have a really cool stained artsy metal backsplash. It is stained, patinated, in a multi colored rusty and golden colors with a pattern to it. We all said ya that would be cool, but wondered how much that might cost. The food came and we moved on.

Grey Metal Backsplash's Look Good Too!Recently my chair poked a hole in the wall of our eating area for the third time. Erica made me take the chair rail down sometime ago, it was not cute enough. I refuse to fix it over and over again and so I am doing a permanent steel sheet of some sort. This project is a dry run for the remodel we will do on our House in Eagle when we move back to Eagle. In addition to the backsplash at Lucky Fins I have seen different motifs. My favorite was the brew pub in McCall that took a bunch of small sized sheets of various shapes and attached them in a mosaic, then added decorative “old World” nail type fasteners to give the look that you are in an old shop of some kind. My space for this project is a rectangle so I will use one whole sheet with either an artsy application or “old” patinated look that should strike the right cord! I am hoping it will do 3 things, protect the wall in our under sized eating area, provide some visual eye candy and be easy to clean. The stained and patinated metals are not the cleaning nightmare that the stainless steel on your refrigerator is!

CostGrey Metal Backsplash's

4 x 8 foot sheet of metal- $100.00
Simple cuts- $5.00 (Straight line /Rectangular shape)
Complex cuts $30.00-75.00 per cut (Non rectangular)
1 gallon stain/patenation chemicals- $120 with shipping (Covers Appx. 100 sq ft)
Paint Brush- $20.00
Topcoat- Acrylic clear coat matte $20.00
Sandpaper if Using Stainless $5.00
Nails, screws adhesive or double sided tape- $20.00

So with enough stain to cover three 4x8 sheets and factoring in a couple of complex cuts for above the range and 10 or so straight line cuts the grand total for an entire kitchen would be around $700.00. About the same as your tile guy would charge you for doing a granite tile back splash. If you wanted a solid granite back splash with 300 sq. ft. @ $34 a square foot and you would spend considerable more. So while it is not cheap, it adds a custom, artistic finish to your kitchen that will have friends and family talking.

Stain Application

Paint Brush! How easy is that. There are some that have to be dipped, so make sure you are ordering one you can just brush on. All the photos here will be brush on


Nails, screws or construction adhesive. There are companies that manufacture panel‘s of steel for backsplash’s that have stamped designs that use double sided tape as well. These will cost about $450-650 for 4x8 sheet with cutting and shipping.

Easy Application

There are tons of options for application with the easiest being brushing it on. Choose from bronze, copper, black, grey, redish, verde patination and more. The newest is Rainbow, a multi-colored that will add a lot of pop. With all the selections of colors and finishes

Thanks to its heat-, stain- and scratch-resistant properties a time worn staple in commercial kitchens is stainless steel. In recent years it has become popular in residential Kitchens too. But mainly as a counter or on the island. Now with the advent of all these great antuiquing and arts and crafts inspired products, you can trun a piece of sheet metal into a kitchen backsplash that you have always dreamed about. A metal backsplash (you can use stainless, galvanized, copper, brass or any other type of sheet metal you can find. Around 24 guage is a good combination of strength, weight and cost. Appealing to modern design sensibilities you will have a durable, versatile piece of art that is as easy to clean up as it is on the eyes!


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