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Boise 6 th Best Place To Live!

Considering a move to Boise? Read this for a little local insight into why Boise would ranks so high on the list of best places to live. Boise real estate for sale is still surprisingly affordable and you can see all Boise homes for sale at You can use our awesome search tools that are innate, intuitive and you get results in a snap! Great buyers agents to help you get a good deal and a stress free path to your new home! Read More about the pros and cons of living in the different areas of Boise.

Boise IS 6th best Place to LiveFor those of us that live here Us News and world report is singing to the choir. The fact that none of us know anybody who has been mugged, robbed, shot or had their house broken in to is a great start to land a community on this type of list. But add in friendly people, a great climate, lots of community events and activities from concerts to sports, amazing recreational activities from hiking and biking, to rafting and skiing and you hit the top 10. And there is more, great schools, no traffic, a big middle class all contribute to the awesome quality of life we enjoy. 

The crime rate in Boise is ridiculously low. When we do have a murder or act of violence 90 % of the time they knew each other, either domestic issue, or drug deal gone wrong. I think the best way to put it in perspective is the murder of Lynn Henneman. She was murdered while walking on the greenbelt about 20 years ago. It is so rare that someone gets murdered in Boise, on the 15th anniversary of the murder, the news shows all ran exposes about the murder and its impact on Boise and the psyche of the residents. Find me another city that has such a small amount of violent crime and so little real news that they have to run a soft news story 15 years after the fact.

The friendly people goes hand in hand with the low crime. When you see a stranger coming the other way on the sidewalk, you see a potential new friend, not an aggressor. If someone is pulled over on the side of the road you assume they are broken down, not setting up a sting to rip you off. The kids are respectful and the tellers at the convenience store say hello and thank you. How refreshing! In short because we do not all live in fear, we live fully! That includes helping the little old lady change her tire or water her yard.

The climate is awesome, with 4 true seasons. The summers can get a little too hot and the winters a little on the cold side. But aside from that the Indian summers last until October. Occasionally we have 75 degree days in October. We have the same number of sunny days as Las Vegas, just not the heat. The all time record High is 111 degrees and all time low is minus 29. But the climate is a lot warmer than it was 30 years ago. We rarely get below Zero. Easter feels like Easter, with tulips and daffodils Thanksgiving and Halloween have colorful leaves and we even have snow at Christmas on some years!

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A big middle class means lots of fun stuff to do. From a host of downtown events including Alive After 5, First Thursday and a host of Saturday markets, to the great sporting scene you will never be sitting on the porch twiddling your thumbs. Hockey, semi pro baseball, Boise State football and basketball are all fun options and are priced much more reasonably to the big city counterparts. We have a boat load of great restaurants from local favorites to top end national chains to fill your palette. Arts are alive and well with a vibrant scene filled with Shakespeare, Ballet, Philharmonic and more.

The outdoors scene can’t be beat. The ridge to rivers trail system and greenbelt arouse runners and bikers. Leave your desk and be fly fishing for wild brown trout minutes away or surf on the play wave at the whitewater park. Within an hour of Boise you can hunt for deer, elk, quail, Turkeys, Bears and more. Bogus Basin is a long 16 miles from downtown. World class whitewater is located an hour from downtown on the Payette river. Bring your game face or rapids like Jacobs Ladder and Nutcracker will break you and Jaws just might eat you alive! World class resorts are just 2 hours away at Sun Valley and McCall.

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2016 Best Places to Live Methodology

U.S. News & World Report's for the first time has rank US metro areas to determine were the best place to live. The rankings help readers make great desicions about where they may want to live or move to here are the main catagory's they used in evaluating America. They used 5 metrics that were based on a survey about what Americans consider to be important when

Job Market Index – 20 percent

The Job Market Index measures the strength of each metro area's job market.

Value Index – 25 percent

The Value Index measures how comfortably the average resident of each metro area can afford to live within his or her means

Quality of Life Index – 30 percent

The Quality of Life Index measures how satisfied residents are with their daily lives in each ranked metro area.

Desirability Index – 15 percent

The Desirability Index measures whether or not people want to live in a given metro area.

Net Migration – 10 percent

Net Migration measures whether people are moving to or away from each of the metro areas.


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