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Record snowfalls and subzero temperatures caused major damage! The organization has created a special fund to receive donations for the repairs, and all donations are tax-deductible. You can give at 

The Peregrine Fund

BOISE, Idaho -- It’s raining at The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey — and not in a good way. With record snowfalls and subzero temperatures hitting Boise these past few weeks, followed by rapid thawing this week, the interpretive center’s roof began to leak and create small waterfalls and all-out torrents inside the center. In response to the disaster, The Peregrine Fund is launching a special, online fundraiser.


The Peregrine Fund

The World Center For The Birds Of Prey


Boise Idaho

World Center For Birds Of Prey Boise IdahoVisit the Velma Morrison Interpretive Center which is overlooking Boise and the Boise front for an amazing and educational experience. Sink your talons into this one of a kind indoor/outdoor education center. Here you will meet owls and eagles, as well as vultures, falcons and hawks! Get up close and personal, beak to nose so to speak! Visit in October and be thrilled and amazed at the fall flights series on raptor ridge! The World Center for Birds of Prey presents guests with an overview of The Peregrine Fund’s programs, both those in the states and abroad. Since 1970, with activity and projects in 54 plus nations around the world, conserving, breeding and releasing the world’s rarest birds of prey is the focus at the World Center. In addition the center is known for its live raptor shows and educational demonstrations that will thrill and amaze. Much of the success and delisting of the Peregrine Falcon can be laid at the feet of the hard workers at the center. Now that the Peregrine Falcon has been removed from the endangered species list, they have turned their attention to breeding and releasing the Alpomado Falcons and continue to push forward the agenda for getting California Condors back to a healthy wild population. These two species are just two of the more than 10 species the Center is concentrating on at the present time.

Gyrfalcon The Peregrine FundWhat you can expect and experience on a visit to the Center are as follows, Daily presentations with live raptors in the Tropical Theatre, The Heritage Falconry Tour takes place in the The Archives of Falconry. Check in at the gift shop. You may want to visit the hands on raptor room and explore eggs, feathers, puzzles and more. Enjoy Condor cliffs which is a Grand Canyon themed habitat exhibit. Next door are the breeding chambers for the largest flock of captive California Condors, where young are raised for release into the wild. See artifacts from ancient and modern falconry, and peruse the world’s most comprehensive falconry library. The other exhibits will teach and enlighten you about all things bird of prey, diet and breeding, migration and extinction issues are all on the table. The gift shop has snacks and drinks and all sorts of trinkets and raptor related items that you might just enjoy taking home with you. You may see wild birds of prey while visiting the center, but taking the 35-mile drive to the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey Natural Conservation Area is a sure bet. In addition to spectacular Snake River scenery you will undoubtedly see multiple birds of prey species here. 

The Center is Open Tuesday-Sunday At 10:00 in the morning and closes at 4:00 in the winter and 5:00 in the summer!

Admission PricesAlpomado Falcon The Peregrine Fund

Free if you are under 4

$5.00 if you are under 16

$6.00 if you are over 62

$7.00 for all others

Directions: South on Cole, Right on Flying Hawk just before turn.


Here are a few of the reviews posted by recent visitors to the World Center For The Birds Of Prey!

“The WC Birds of Prey offers a unique opportunity to see many endangered birds of prey from all over the world. The staff is very knowable. Good for a family experience. Probably 1 of the few places in world to see California Condor up close. Exhibits suitable for children.”

“We had an amazing day at the world center for birds of prey - we watched a peregrine and hawk perform in open air and they flew so close it almost felt as they touched your hair. A wonderful experience where you got to see these majestic and intelligent birds up close.”

“I love going there over and over again. The demonstrations with the birds are amazing. Can't get enough of them.”


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