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Looking For A Safe Place To Move Too? Move to Boise Idaho!

Mayberry = Boise on Steroids!

And Boise Idaho real estate is reasonably priced! You only need to look at a few homes for sale in the Boise mls to see that.

Movoto's blog has ranked Boise as the Number 8 safest city in the country. With a strong middle class, even distribution of wealth, an educated public the incentive to rape, pillage and plunder is just not there. In Boise Idaho we have very little crime. In fact in 2112 there was only 1 murder. So I feel that if Movoto, a national real estate broker can give Boise an award so can I.

So without further delay I hereby award Boise Idaho as the winner of the first every

"Mayberry" USA Award!

Hey Jack as someone once said, with only 1 murderer

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Home prices are on the rise, and inventories are very low. That makes now a great time to get your house in great condition to command a good price.

Get more money to put toward your next home purchase. Implement these tips to get your home ready to sell quickly at a great price and be ready to find your next place.

1. Make sure you have great curb appeal. Mow your lawn, weed your garden, and clean it up. Do any minor repairs that you can that affect the approach to your home. Do the same out back. A poor first impression will make buyers more critical on the inside, looking for flaws.

2. De-clutter the inside of your home. Less clutter and neatness signal good care and give the impression of more space. Consider renting a storage unit to store some

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It is hard enough to find the prefect home.

Even harder if you are not getting what you deserve from your Boise real estate agent. If you are considering starting a search in the Boise mls and are looking for an agent who works hard for your best interests, you have come to the right place. Erica and I will not just tell you what you want to hear, we will tell you the truth even if the result might mean more work for us! Happy Friday!

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Beware- Zillow's New Mortgage Pre-Approval Tool

 Borrowers getting a loan to buy Boise Idaho real estate need to beware. If your Identity is stolen you will have to endure a lot of repair work to get back into a position to get a new mortgage for Boise Idaho real estate.

 Zillow just launched its new Mortgage Pre-Approval Tool which according to Zillow "allows home shoppers to get pre-approved for a mortgage quickly and easily".  Sounds good right?  Well like most anything else, a consumer, in this case Borrowers need to dig a little deeper. What Zillow appears to be offering is a central location to collect the initial information for a Borrower to be Pre-Approved for a mortgage.  Zillow will then pass their information to affiliated Lenders who will

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 Planning to Sell Boise Idaho Real Estate?

Get the brightest, cleanest windows!

Everyone knows that having a clean well staged home with lots of light will result in a higher sales price! A great place to start is the windows. Get the brightest, cleanest windows! A simple mixture of two parts water to one part white distilled vinegar is all you need for a clean finish on windows and glass surfaces. Wipe the inside of windows from side to side, and the outside of windows from top to bottom. This makes it easier to see which side (if any) needs further cleaning.

Insider tip: Try and tackle the job while the weather is still cool to prevent streaking. Start indoors before installing your screens, then finish the job outside on a dry day.

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Want to live in one great place?

Boise Lands another gig on a best of list!

As if there was ever a doubt.

Between the inexpensive Boise Idaho real estate, overall cost of living, fun safe atmosphere, the recreation, the climate.

What's not to like! Be sure to Visit our web page and search the Eagle, Meridian or Boise Idaho MLS !

Sunset Magazine's 24 Best Places to Live and Work1


Sunset Magazine - 24 Best Places to Live and Work

2013, No. 12 100 Best Places to Live

FBI, August 2013– No. 7 20 Safest cities in the USA

Forbes, February 2013,  No. 3 Metro Leading Housing Recovery


Men’s Health Magazine, December 2012 – No. 1 Best Cities for Men 2013, October 2012 — No. 4 of Top 10 Downtowns in America


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Has an intense red color with violet hints. Medium-bodied with an elegant touch of smoke and vanilla from the oak aging. It has a velvety texture, supple tannins and a spicy, full finish.

Carmen Gran Reserva Chardonnay 2012

Under the golden yellow color, the intense and complex nose evokes floral and fruity notes. On the palate, it offers a broad mouth feel that leads into a medium finish. Enjoy this dry, medium-bodied and fruity white featuring lively acidity.

 Register To Win 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon By Eagle’s Own Award Winning Boutique winery Blue Pine Winery!

 Elegant French Country Chateau Styling!

From the stylish finish inside to

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Don't Want To Be The Last In Line?


Being the first buyer to the front door can make a big difference in the Boise real estate market today. It is fast paced and multiple offers are the norm. Give yourself every advantage.

With our automated search, you just tell us what you're looking for and where you're looking and we will take care of the rest. The Boise MLS will do the searching for us and send to results to you right away you, or if you prefer we can set to once a day or once a week.. Paragon is the MLS system that real estate agents use to input homes to our local  Boise Idaho area MLS known as Intermountain MLS.
 With this great tool you will be able to limit or broaden your search as much as you like. Using paragon we will take the

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1. Determine what you can afford. Getting Pre approved is a vital step prior to making an offer. When you get ready to buy Boise Idaho Real Estate and are actively searching the MLS, it is time to get prequalified! The logical first step is to meet with a lender. A good lender will look at your long term debt, income, credit history and other factors to determine what type of loan best meets your specific requirements. Often times lender's guidelines will allow you to borrow more than you want.  By the time you are done, you will have a good idea of what price range you are able and comfortable with and how much the down payment and closing costs will be. As well a good approximation of what the payment will be. Give me a call for a referral to a sharp,

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According to the Boise Idaho MLS, since January 1, 2014

There have been 120 homes close that were Boise new construction.

60 Eagle, Idaho new construction homes closed.

Meridian Idaho tallied 83 new construction homes in the same period!

Read This Before Purchasing New Home in Idaho!


The Boise Idaho real estate market has changed a great deal over the years. At times it was a better deal to buy existing Boise homes, homes for sale that have been lived in before! At other times, mainly over the last 3 years new homes, Boise Real estate that is brand new construction and never lived in, has been a better deal. Both because of the certainty of a timely closing and the fact that the pricing is constant.


At the present time real estate in Boise

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